? Honour List – Tour de Cure

Celebrating the TDC family

We are continually blown-away by the TDC family's generosity and endless capacity to give.

Each year, we come together to celebrate some of the amazing people whose efforts have taken us closer to the day we all long for - the day when nobody has to watch a loved one die from cancer.

2019 Honours list

With so many deserving people, it's always a difficult job to choose our award winners. After much deliberation, we decided that the following people had gone above and beyond in their commitment to Tour de Cure in 2019.

Board Award 2019

Winner: Clive Van Horen and Lynne Mann

This award celebrates an individual who the Board believes has made a significant and ongoing contribution to Tour de Cure.

Volunteer of the Year Award 2019

Winner: Brett McLeod

An impressive 481 people contributed their time, expertise and knowledge to Tour de Cure in 2019.

Congratulations Brett!

Chapeau Jersey winners 2019

‘Chapeau’ is a cycling expression that means a tribute or salute. Each year we award Chapeau Jerseys to those people who have gone above and beyond in their commitment to Tour de Cure and/or who have made a significant contribution to fundraising.

Signature Tour Riders winners: Andrew Woodward, Clint Bowen

Service & Support Crew winners: Chris Richardson, Gerry Bateman

Foundation Tour Riders winners: Neil Collins, Paul Crawford

Stage Riders winners: Peter Hing, Bruno Maurel

Corporate Tour Riders winners: Mark Couter, Ralph Kemmler

Congratulations guys!

Community Fundraising Award 2019

This award acknowledges the hard work of our incredible community partners that raise awareness and funds all year round. 

Winner: Tour de Rocks - Armidale

Individual Fundraiser Award 2019

Each year, we acknowledge the inspirational efforts of individuals that raise awareness and funds to help cure cancer with us.

Winner: Jay's Longest Melanoma March

Crystal Award 2019

Our “off-the- bike” events set an incredibly high standard and have become some of the biggest charity  fundraising events in Australia.

Winners: Maz Coote and Flavio Paoli

TDC $600k Club 2019

Mark Beretta - started with TDC 2010

TDC $400k Club 2019

Andrew Woodward - started with TDC 2013

TDC $300k Club 2019

Clint Bowen - started with TDC 2014

TDC $200k Club 2019

Daren Armstrong - started with TDC 2014

Mal Heath - started with TDC 2007

TDC $100k Club 2019

Andrew Gersbach

Callum Eade

David Torrance

Gareth Jones

Jodi Harris

Neil Collins

Paul Crawford

Peter Braine

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