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Meet Dr. Charlie Teo

Charlie is a highly regarded neurosurgeon, with an international reputation in the treatment of adult and paediatric brain tumours, skull base surgery, neuroendoscopy, and functional neurosurgery. A pioneer in keyhole surgery for brain cancer, Charlie always tries his utmost to restore hope. He is passionate about our efforts to accelerate progress by funding the groundbreaking research that we believe will help beat cancer sooner. We're proud that Tour de Cure funding has contributed to improved treatment for people with brain cancer.

Meet Ann Smith

After losing her husband Kelvin to urethral cancer, Ann joined the TDC family in 2012. With a background in education – as a teacher, lecturer and business college manager – Ann plays a pivotal role in our schools awareness program. She's also the co-author of our grieving document. We all look forward to her weekly visits at TDC HQ – and her much-needed hugs! She's a regular on tour where her favourite job is driving the car at the rear of the peloton. Away from the TDC family, Ann can be found riding a camel in Rajasthan or pedalling along on her bike, Priscilla.

Meet Heidi Bramberger

Heidi is the quintessential ‘pocket rocket'. In fact, most of us struggle to keep up with her! She's been part of the TDC family since 2013, and takes a leading role in our schools awareness program. Heidi is also a member of our Recruitment & Alumni Committee and our Training & Assessment Committee. On tour, she is responsible for our category jersey presentations, making sure that the most deserving people receive a chapeau.

Meet Peter Braine

A cancer survivor at a young age, Peter joined us in 2013. He struggled to deal with his recovery and hadn’t told his own children for fear it would scare them. While on a Country Tour, Peter realised that he was talking to other kids about his illness through our schools awareness program, and needed to be honest with his own kids. It's been a cathartic experience for the whole family. Peter is a regular fixture on our tours and is a welcoming presence for new people. He's also an invaluable member of our Risk, Safety and Ride Committee.

Meet Simon McCarroll

Simon is one of the principals of the McCarroll Auto Group which owns several Lexus dealerships. Lexus have been a loyal corporate partner since the beginning, helping to keep our pelotons safe with their cars. Not only has Simon supported TDC through his business operations, his personal fundraising efforts for cancer projects are legendary. He's famous for having bid $1,300 for a fruitcake at a community dinner on tour! Simon was a popular choice for the 2016 Board Award and has received the prestigious Chapeau Jersey on numerous occasions. Without a doubt, Simon is of the strongest riders on tour. He's definitely an 'engine room' man.

Meet Ian Salmon

Mr Salmon or 'Sammo' is the bushranger with a big voice and an even bigger heart. Easily the most recognisable face on tour, Sammo has been a member of the TDC family since 2009. He lost his mother to cancer so he is well aware of the tragedy that cancer brings to families and communities. An integral part of our event logistics team, we know we'll be safe and well looked after with Sammo on the team. Hard-working, dedicated and always smiling, Sammo will happily pull an all-nighter to make sure that we will be riding safe the next day. 

Meet Danny Moore

Danny has been a member of the TDC family from the very beginning. In fact, he gave us office space when we were just starting out and has been a constant source of support for us ever since. In particular, he has used his knowledge of cycling to help us prepare riders safely for tour and has taken a leading role in assessing road safety and rider awareness. He's also an all-round top bloke!

Meet Jodi Harris

Jodi joined the TDC family in 2012 after losing her dad to cancer the previous year. Friendly, approachable and always smiling, Jodi is a pleasure to have on any tour. She started off with a Queensland Country Tour, but has gone on to do Signature Tour, both as a rider and as a member of support crew. Since joining the TDC family, several young children in Jodi's social circle have passed away from incurable brain cancer. Heartbreakingly, none of them lived to see their 9th birthday. It's made Jodi more determined than ever to help find a cure for this terrible disease. During Signature Tour 2017, she bravely shaved off her long hair to raise money for cancer projects.

Meet Steve Thom aka 'Big Bird'

Winner of the 2016 TDC Volunteer of the Year award, Steve's volunteer hours are beyond belief. As the chairman of our Technology committee, Steve oversees our IT capabilities, making sure we adhere to best practice and performance. He also took a leading role in the development and launch of our new website. An avid cyclist, Steve is one of the guys who shows up when someone is struggling up a hill and asks, "Going well my friend?" A true gentlemen, Steve is a much loved and valuable member of our TDC family.

Meet Aaron Donaldson

We definitely lucked in when Aaron joined the TDC family in 2014. Aaron and his drone are responsible for the spectacular aerial footage of our tours, which really brings to life the enormity of the distance we travel and the challenges we face along the way. Aaron is no stranger to cancer. His paternal grandmother died from breast cancer before he was born, he lost his father to cancer a few years ago and he has friends who are battling this disease. Aaron's beautifully shot footage helps TDC to raise awareness and engage the wider community in our story, which is vital for our fundraising. Did we also mention he's great fun? We love Aaron. And his drone!


Help us tackle cancer

Your donation means more research, more breakthroughs and the chance for more Australians to live happier, healthier and longer lives.


To be inspired by more of our riders, support crew and volunteers, check out their stories.

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