? MEDIA RELEASE: Tour de Cure's Signature Tour 2022
14 February 2022

MEDIA RELEASE: Tour de Cure's Signature Tour 2022


  • Tour de Cure's 2022 Signature Tour is coming your way, 10 - 20 March 2022
  • CYCLING From Geelong to Canberra via Bendigo, Albury and Wagga Wagga
  • Two smaller tours running consecutively with Tour B operating one day behind Tour A.
  • Riding to raise funds to end cancer with a fundraising goal of $2million
  • 9 riding days, 1,445km, 152 riders and support crew
  • Big thanks to the host cities of Bendigo, Beechworth, Albury, Hilltops Region and Goulburn.

152 riders and support crew from Tour de Cure are aiming to raise $2million, through their individual fundraising efforts over the last 12 months. This money will go to fund cancer research, support and prevention projects Australia-wide.

The 2022 Tour de Cure (TDC) Signature Tour kicks off from Geelong on Friday 11 March. This Covid-safe tour means that there will be two teams travelling consecutively, with the second team leaving Geelong on Saturday 12 March. The two teams will then ride 1,445kms to Canberra via Bendigo, Albury and Wagga Wagga.

As part of the tour, the team will fund 9 different cancer grants of $10,000 to the local communities they pass through to help support those affected by cancer in these regions.

Cancer Council, Young, spokesperson Ricky Puata talks about the impact of the $10,000 grant to his region

We know that cancer outcomes are among the best in the world but for regional areas in NSW, like Young and districts, outcomes remain poorer than metropolitan areas. This grant funding from Tour de Cure enables Cancer Council to continue our important work”

“We provide information and support for people with cancer. Our free Transport to Treatment service is a practical option for eligible cancer patients to be taken from Young to cancer treatment in Wagga Wagga when they have no other means of accessing their treatment. We provide cancer information for people accessing their treatment and also have a Support Line (13 11 20), which is staffed by trained cancer health professionals to answer questions from Young locals about cancer.”

“We are grateful to those who support Tour de Cure and the generosity of the Young community”.

Each cyclist has a personal connection to cancer, whether they be survivors, supporting loved ones with cancer or paying tribute to THOSE that have succumbed to THE DISEASE.

Gerry Bateman FROM BENDIGO is a cancer survivor and 2022 will be the 7th Signature Tour she has supported. Being diagnosed with a rare and aggressive type of breast cancer in August 2018 did nothing to weaken her resolve.

"I'm really passionate about people getting their [health] checks done," Mrs Bateman said.
She urged women to 'check your boobs', regularly, for any changes.

"It doesn't matter how old you are," Mrs Bateman said.

Loved ones lost inspired her involvement in the Tour de Cure. Her brother, Bendigo inspector and National Police Service Medal recipient Gerry Rudkins, mother, Pat Rudkins, and lifelong friend, Janette Dyall, all died from cancer.

"It makes you feel like you're doing your bit," Mrs Bateman said.

Simon Rountree, CEO, knows the significant impact Covid-19 has had on fundraising, which is why the Tour de Cure team has pushed forward with extensive planning and co-operation within state policies to deliver a Covid-safe event.

“Covid-19 has had a dramatic impact on cancer research, and we just want to get more funds to the researchers to ensure they can continue to find new treatments for cancer. One way that we raise these funds is through cycling events, so that’s why we are holding Signature Tour using our approved Covid-safe protocols. Safety of our team and the communities we visit are our highest priority, whilst still delivering the funds to cancer research.”

From humble beginnings in 2007, the Tour de Cure community has grown to become a national movement of thousands of people, walking, running, riding and swimming to raise awareness and inspire support in the fight to cure cancer. The generosity of our supporters has enabled us to raise $75 million, fund 563 cancer projects, educate 175,000 school children on how to prevent cancer and we’re proud to have contributed to 55 scientific cancer breakthroughs.

The following people are available to be interviewed:

  • Simon Rountree, TDC CEO
  • Geoff Coombes, TDC Co-founder
  • Gerry Bateman – Bendigo local, breast cancer survivor and support crew

Footage and photographs of previous tours are currently available. Contact Tour de Cure for daily photos and footage of the 2022 Signature Tour as it passes through.

For more information contact
Media Contacts: Sally Heginbotham, Content Manager, Tour de Cure
E: sally@tourdecure.com.au M: 0410 634 462

Donations to Tour de Cure can be made at

Follow the Signature Tour on social media
Twitter @tourdecure_aus
Facebook @TourdeCureAustralia
Instagram @tourdecureaus
LinkedIn @tourdecureaustralia

Thanks to our supporters:
Cities of Bendigo, Beechworth, Albury, Hilltops Region and Goulburn.



From Geelong to Canberra 

10 – 20 March 2022 


About Tour de Cure 

Tour de Cure raises vital funds to support the researchers, surgeons and clinicians who dedicate their lives to finding a cure for cancer. 
Through our magical, challenging and inspirational events we raise money to fund the boldest research, the most talented scientists and the ground-breaking projects that we believe will have the biggest impact on cancer. 

From humble beginnings in 2007, the Tour de Cure community has grown to become a national movement of thousands of people, walking, running, riding and swimming to raise awareness and inspire support in the fight to cure cancer. The generosity of our supporters has enabled us to fund over 563 cancer projects and we’re proud to have contributed to 55 scientific cancer breakthroughs.  

2022 Route & Schedule – 1,445ms in 9 days  

Two smaller tours running consecutively with Tour B operating one day behind Tour A. 


Tour A Dates: 

  • Day 0 Thursday 10 March. Check in at 3pm in Geelong 
  • Day 1 Friday 11 March - Geelong to Ballarat 130km 
  • Day 2 Saturday 12 March - Ballarat to Bendigo 159km 
  • Day 3 Sunday 13 March - Bendigo to Wangaratta 211km 
  • Day 4 Monday 14 March - Wangaratta to Beechworth 169km  
  • Day 5 Tuesday 15 March - Beechworth to Albury 153km 
  • Day 6 Wednesday 16 March - Albury to Wagga 142km 
  • Day 7 Thursday 17 March - Wagga to Young 161km 
  • Day 8 Friday 18 March - Young to Goulburn 184km 
  • Day 9 Saturday 19 March - Goulburn to Canberra 136km 


Tour B Dates: 

  • Day 0 Friday 11 March. Check in at 3pm in Geelong 
  • Day 1 Saturday 12 March - Geelong to Ballarat 130km 
  • Day 2 Sunday 13 March - Ballarat to Bendigo 159km 
  • Day 3 Monday 14 March - Bendigo to Wangaratta 211km 
  • Day 4 Tuesday 15 March - Wangaratta to Albury 117km  
  • Day 5 Wednesday 16 March - Albury to Albury 125km 
  • Day 6 Thursday 17 March - Albury to Wagga 142km 
  • Day 7 Friday 18 March - Wagga to Young 161km 
  • Day 8 Saturday 19 March - Young to Canberra 183km

Teams on Tour – 152 people 

Riders - 105

Support Crew – 47 


Signature Tour Fundraising Target 

2022 Target: $2million 

Total funds raised on Signature Tour since 2013: $20.3million 


Cancer Projects & Grants 

9 communities (Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Wangaratta, Beechworth, Albury, Wagga, Young, Goulburn) will be presented with a $10,000 donation. 

  1. GEELONG - Peace of Mind Foundation, Brain Cancer Support. The Survivorship Diary is a resource designed to assist patients diagnosed with a brain tumour or brain cancer, to keep track of appointments. medications and important questions to ask.   
  1. BALLARAT - Ballarat Regional Integrated Cancer Centre (BRICC) Wellness Centre. Funding a sleep physician to discuss issues with sleep and give patients tips and information on strategies that could be implemented to improve their sleep  
  1. BENDIGO - Bendigo Health Fundraising & Foundation. Connecting local patients with a range of supportive services and complementary therapies such as oncology massage, yoga classes, reflexology, tai chi, pet therapy and mindfulness sessions.   
  1. WANGARATTA - Northeast Health Wangaratta. Much needed equipment for our Oncology Patients - More appropriate treatment chairs are needed that ensure the comfort of our patients and ease to undertaken treatment. Our Wig and Headwear supplies need a complete update as they are very old and out of date.   
  1. BEECHWORTH - Turban Angels. TURBAN PROJECT (lions.org.au) Yarrawonga Lions sew over 40,000 turbans for cancer. The Grant will go towards fabric and a new sewing machine.   
  1. ALBURY - Wellness Centre at Albury Wodonga Regional Cancer Centre. Providing Exercise Oncology programs for those who have finished their primary treatment or who are receiving maintenance therapy.  
  1. WAGGA WAGGA - Can Assist Wagga Wagga. Supporting individuals suffering from cancer, by means of assisting financially with Pharmacy accounts related to their treatment, fuel vouches, telephone account payments and groceries.   
  1. YOUNG - Cancer Council NSW. Practical support for cancer patients, carers and families through the provision of services, including Cancer Council Transport to Treatment   
  2. GOULBURN - Convoy For Kids. Provides support for local children with cancer, terminal illness and permanent disabilities, by providing financial assistance to the families of such children.

Cancer funding in Australia and the Tour de Cure story 
In 2017 the Federal government funded $174.8Million in cancer research through its NHMRC program, however this represents only 13-15% of requests made from Australian cancer researchers in that same year. 

Clearly there is a gap in how much research the government can fund, and that is why TdC exists. We raise money through personal and corporate donations for bike rides, walks, health challenges and gala events to fund much needed cancer research, prevention and support programs. 

Since 2007, TdC has raised over $75million, funded 563 cancer projects, contributed to over 55 cancer advances or breakthroughs, and talked to over 175,000 school children about making healthy lifestyle decisions. While this sounds impressive, we are only able to fund a quarter of all cancer project grant applications made to us each year. We are determined to fund more, because we know that our funding allows the continuation of vital cancer research in Australia 


Tour de Cure aims to keep Australians busily engaged in cancer research. We couldn’t do it without the continued support from our corporate partners and donations by everyday Australians. We’ll only end cancer by working together to fund much needed research. And that’s something we can all come together to support. 


Call to Action 

You can show your support and help cure cancer by donating to Tour de Cure at www.tourdecure.com.au  

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