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Together against cancer

At the heart of TdC are a number of dedicated people working tirelessly to achieve our dream of a world without cancer.

Like the men, women and children that inspire us to do what we do, we are determined. Like the brave scientists who are pioneering the way forward with their research, we are fearless. Like the generous community who support us, we are united against cancer.

Get to know our staff, board, committees and ambassadors.

Meet our Staff

Our small team at Tour de Cure Head Office work incredibly hard to organise tours and events across Australia, keeping costs down, so that we can continue to deliver an amazing flow-through to the scientists looking down the microscopes.

Meet our Board

Led by Chairman, Bruno Maurel, our board members are a pretty talented and diverse bunch. They have outstanding skills and experience across a wide range of sectors. This ensures that we take a well-rounded approach to everything we do.

Meet our Committees 

The Board delegates part of their work to specialised committees made up of leading experts from the world of business, finance, medicine, law, marketing, PR, event management and the community. A Board member and/or a staff member from Tour de Cure sits on each of these committees.

Meet our Ambassadors

Tour de Cure is lucky to have the support of wonderful ambassadors who give their time and talent to help build our supporter base and raise awareness about our day-to-day work.
Whether they're reaching out to their networks, engaging with our supporters, or appearing in the media, they make a valuable contribution to Tour de Cure and our mission to cure cancer.

A world without cancer

shutup cancer

Help us tackle cancer

Your donation means more research, more breakthroughs and the chance for more Australians to live happier, healthier and longer lives.


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