Cancer doesn’t sleep, and neither do we

Check out our third lunchtime webinar from the series ‘Cancer doesn’t sleep, and neither do we'.

Paul Mirabelle was joined by Professor Matthias Ernst and Dr Jessica Duarte from the Olivia Newton John Cancer Research Institute. Both these researchers have had their research work supported by Tour de Cure, in gastrointestinal cancers and immunotherapy respectively.
They spoke about facing adversity, the role of the Olivia Newton John Cancer Research Institute with Cancer Research in Australia and globally, ONJ’s well known patron and Matthias’ rider experience during 2 Signature Tours.

Our previous webinars

Our first webinar was hosted by Paul Mirabelle, Chair of the Research, Support and Prevention Committee and TdC Board member with Children’s Cancer Institute (CCI) panellists Prof Michelle Haber AM and Prof Richard Lock.

During this interview, Paul finds out what the Institute is doing in the face of the COVID-19 crisis, and how their teams continue to work on translational research to improve outcomes for cancer patients undergoing treatment.

Our second webinar Matt Clarke spoke with Kendra Overall and Tegan Davies from Camp Quality. We chatted about how families are coping with COVID-19 and what Camp Quality is doing to improve this period for them, and the launch of a new digital platform, the Happiness Hub and the #positivitypandemic.