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Be your own fundraising champion

There’s nothing more rewarding than creating your own fundraising idea. Whether it is big or small, the energy and effort you put in will make a difference in the fight against cancer and be incredibly satisfying. When you bring a passionate community together and create something magical for the great of good it can be inspiring for others - That’s how TdC started!!

If you already have an idea, then don’t hesitate and join thousands of other TdC champions across Australia by creating your own fundraising page for an event here.

Tour de Cure are here to support your community fundraiser click here to see our Community Fundraising guide.


Here are some fun ideas to get people together and raise money for Tour de Cure:

Alpine Everesting

A team of endurance cyclists committed to raising money for cancer research, support and prevention through epic cycling adventures. In January 2022, they plan to ride 500kms in 2 days to reach 10,000m elevation in the Victorian High Country.
Their ambition is to feature 10 female riders as part of this experience. Only a handful of women in the world have completed an Everesting Roam challenge. The team are aiming to raise $50,000 through this event and raise awareness about cancer inequalities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

K's to Cure Cancer

If you have always wanted to make the lifestyle choice and get active well why not do it now and raise money for cancer research at the same time. The Tour de Cure K’s to Cure cancer platform is live now and ready to choose your own adventure. Challenge yourself or bring together a team and get everyone moving. Schools, corporate groups, families and social communities have all participated in K’s when ever the time is right. So click here and get going today! 

Bald and the Beautiful

An inspirational young Port Macquarie student James Cockshutt, came up with an amazing plan to help raise funds for cancer research.
50 children of all ages (as well as some parents) shaved or cut their hair all to raise funds for cancer research. The result from this amazing community: $8,000 raised for cancer research. 


The idea of a charity ride from Sydney to Byron Bay all started at coffee after a BarCycle bunch ride in late 2020.

A group of keen cyclists and friends who ride regularly as BarCycle raised much needed funds, by way of a six day tour riding from Walsh Bay, and finishing at Byron Bay.

With just twelve riders and a couple of support crew, the route to Byron wasn't easy. The tour will covered 900 kms and 8,000m elevation. Great cycling, scenic routes, fun times shared with awesome mates resulted in over $130,000 raised for cancer research.

Callum's English Channel Challenge

Callum Eade is training towards his goal of swimming the English Channel 3 ways…that’s 120km. His Team therefore plan to swim the same distance by way of their combined totals. There will be 25 swimmers at two locations and all swimmers are tasked to swim 5km within 2 hours.

The total swum at each location will total a massive 4800 laps. And the fundraising is impressive too - over $76,000 raised!

Jay's Longest Melanoma March

A melanoma survivor, Jay wants to put an end of this disease and knows he can help the researchers by raising significant funds by doing what he does best - walking. In 2022, Jay will pound the pavement from Sydney to Canberra in 10 days all in the name of cancer research.

Together with his last walk, community dinners and a gala event, Jay has previously raised $380,000 and we can't wait to see how he'll go in 2022. 

Manly Inflatable Boat Race

Crazy costumes and magical floating craft are all you'll see at Manly Beach at the annual Manly Inflatable Boat Race. The brain child of Denver Beven (founding rider of Tour de Cure) this fun filled event is a perfect recipe for our BE FIT, BE HEALTHY BE HAPPY message. We've seen Pirates, Cartoon characters, Super hero's and everything in between. All you need is your imagination, an inflatable craft capable of helping you navigate the 750m course and your ready for a super fun adventure. The event continues to inspire those with a crazy sense of humour and who want a belly full of laughs whilst they support a great cause.

Tour de Rocks

Join the amazing Armidale community who annually ride from Armidale to South West Rocks (3 days - 300km) to help raise funds and awareness for cancer. You'll camp at idyllic locations and share the trails with wonderfully warm and generous people from all over the country. Come and see the northern table lands like you've never seen them before and bring your mountain bike as the Tour de Rocks folks love taking you on some amazing quite back country gravel roads. Tour de Cure and Tour de Rocks annually co-fund a $200,000 research project and have been doing so since 2012.
Kids can join the Tour de Rocks for a 30km valley trail ride on day 2. Hearing their laughter and squeals of enjoyment as they pedal along, the Tour de Rocks is a wonderful family event for anyone who loves riding a bike and getting close to nature
DATES: 7 - 9 April 2022

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