Callum's English Channel Challenge

    Callum's English Channel Challenge

    Member: Callum Eade
    Date: Thursday 1 August 2019
    Start Time: 11:00AM
    End Date: Wednesday 1 January 2020
    End Time: 5:00PM
    Location: Dover to Calais
    Address: English Channel ,   United Kingdom


    My name is Callum Eade. In 2010 I was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer. It was after overcoming this challenge, I embarked on my relationship with Tour de Cure. I have ridden a regional Tour as well as a Signature Tour. What an incredible experience!

    After completing 16 Ironman triathlons, as well as over 30 Half Ironman races I am ready for a new and exciting challenge.

    So, I am going to swim the English Channel. My plan is to make the swim in August 2019. The swim will truly be a series of milestones, including long distance training camps, night training sessions, along with a disciplined diet and rest program as part of the journey to prepare. 

    As part of this endeavor, I need your help. I plan to raise $100,000!

    I want you to join me in funding a research project focused on Immune Oncology Research for Kids. As part of the journey we’ll meet the research team that we will help and really understand where the money is going!

    I invite you to follow my blog Channeling a Cause and click here for my introduction .

    Please give generously and let’s really make a difference.


    Contact: Callum Eade
    Mobile: +6590103165
    Goal: $100,000.00
    Age Group: All ages
    Dress code: Budgie Smugglers


    • Amount Raised:$145,146.77
    • GOAL: $100,000.00