Race Across America - RAAM

Date: Wednesday 10 July 2019
Start Time: 9:06AM
End Date: Monday 25 November 2019
End Time: 8:00PM
Address: Melbourne, Victoria  Australia


I’m Chris Alsop 40 years old, an electrician, father, friend and a love for endurance cycling. I’m attempting to be a solo racer for Team Alsop. After my first endurance cycling event in 2014, I discovered endurance riding to be the perfect venue for testing my physical limits.  I feel strongly that age or ability is simply a number or excuse, and I strive to “stay in the game”, continually get better and compete at a high level against the best endurance racers in the world. Through racing, I hope to have a positive effect on others by instilling that…CAN DO… attitude no matter the challenge. 

Endurance racing is a team sport consisting of racers, crew, sponsors and other interested parties. As the team’s solo racer, my job is to pedal and the crew’s job is to do everything else.  Of equal importance are team sponsors whose financial support helps to make it all happen. I’ve competed in various rides throughout the last year and this year with the ultimate goal of completing Race Across America (RAAM) in 2020.   

RAAM provides inspiration to racers, crew, sponsors and their worldwide followers alike.  As a sponsor, you will benefit from being associated with one of the world’s most respected and longest running (2020 is the 39th year) endurance sports events. In addition, to live event exposure, all the media attention and social media hits mean your brand will receive significant exposure to a diverse audience.

RAAM is an epic event where solo racers must qualify to compete. This was done at Revolve24 in March 2019 where I completed 633Km in 24 Hours.  Amateur and professional participants alike from around the world race 5000 Km coast-to-coast across the USA. RAAM is widely recognized as “The World’s Toughest Endurance Bicycle Race.”   A solo rider must complete the distance in a maximum time of 12 days.  The route touches 10 states, has more than 51000 meters of climbing, is 25% longer than The Tour de France in kilometres, and must be completed in half the time.   Unlike a stage race, the clock never stops and on a daily basis, a solo rider must average 415 KM, sleep 2 hours or less, consume 8,000 calories or more, and endure widely fluctuating temperatures ranging from freezing to 30+ degrees.


Contact: Chris Alsop
Mobile: 0417315034
Email: alsopelectrical@hotmail.com
Age Group: All ages


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