Everest Challenge

Member: Gareth Newton
Date: Friday 27 September 2019
Start Time: 3:00AM
End Date: Monday 25 November 2019
End Time: 11:00PM
Location: Taronga Zoo hill
Address: Bradleys Head Road, New South Wales 2088 Australia


Come and support us as we climb Everest 8 times! An Everest Challenge involves riding up and down a single hill until you've climbed the equivalent of 'sea to summit' of Mt Everest, which is 8,848m.

There's a group of eight C4C riders aiming to do this on Friday 27 Sept, on Taronga Zoo hill. That means each rider will do something like 122 repeats of the hill, clocking up about 280km and spending approximately 14-18 hours in the saddle. We will be starting at 3.00am and planning to complete the challenge somewhere around 7.00pm (hopefully!)

Join us for a few repeats of the hill, lend some moral support, or take the easy option and make a donation to raise funds for Can4Cancer!

All donations will go to Can4Cancer, a charity that supports Tour de Cure. C4C - changing lives, ending cancer!

Riders: Andrew Cooper, Clive Van Horen, Gareth Newton, George Walker, Andrew Thomas, Florian Ruff and Shane Ryan

Contact: Clive van Horen
Mobile: 0457529338
Email: vanhorcl@cba.com.au
Goal: $30,000.00
Age Group: All ages
Dress code: Come as you are


  • Amount Raised:$30,517.77
  • GOAL: $30,000.00