Moody Brothers

Member: Jonathan Moody
Date: Tuesday 3 September 2019
Start Time: 12:15PM
End Date: Friday 20 December 2019
End Time: 12:15PM
Address: PO Box 6121, New South Wales 2086 Australia


Last year Jonathan joined the TDC team helping them with - what he does best - project management. At oOh!'s Christmas conference Jonathan released a video explaining the work he was doing with TDC and finished with a call to arms for people to take their volunteer day and get involved with Charity. Of course, after this Jonathan had to lead by example and decided to join the tour, Life Ride! Being Jonathan's younger brother, there is no way I was missing out on an opportunity to see Jonathan in pain for 3 days. So I guess I'm coming along for the ride too!!

Contact: Jonathan Moody
Mobile: 02 8073 4000
Age Group: All ages


  • Amount Raised:$10,787.76