Jay’s Longest Melanoma March 2019 – FAQs

What should I do if I have to withdraw at the last moment?
A waiting list will be maintained for those who have missed out on their preferred day so if you need to withdraw a possible replacement can be sourced. Please let the team know as soon as possible so that a replacement can be allocated to your spot.

When will I receive information about my spot?
You will receive confirmation that your registration has been received and accepted within three days of applying. A Walker's Brief (which will be distributed prior to the walk commencing) will include:-

  • Meeting and collection points
  • Meeting times and dates
  • Clothing requirements
  • Daily contact name and details

If you have any further enquires please contact Jay's team.

What happens if the weather becomes inclement on the day?
The Event Leader or nominated person appointed by her will be in contact daily with the Bureau of Meteorology so as to make the best judgement on the day. Other environmental issues may also arise and a decision to proceed, delay or cancel that leg will be made by the Event Leader and MIA’s Chief Executive Officer.

At any time if you feel uncomfortable with the environment a support vehicle will be available to collect you. Two vehicles must remain with the walkers at all time so another vehicle may be deployed to assist especially in a medical emergency.

What happens if I get injured or become ill in the days before my allocated walk?
You should conduct your medical practitioner in regard to that injury or illness and have them assess your situation. If you are forced to withdraw due to injury or illness please contact Jay's team immediately so a possible replacement can be found.

Will medical support be provided during the walk?
First aid assistance will be provided throughout the walk and if needed, further medical support will be sourced (at your expense). Please ensure that you carry your Medicare card with you for the duration.

It is also important to monitor fellow walkers and advise any member of the crew if you believe that person is becoming unwell.

Do I require a Medical Certificate to walk?
Yes, a Medical Certificate is required for all walkers to be eligible to participate. Medical Certificates need to be provided to Jay by the end of February and must be dated within that month and stating;

  • The date of your walk
  • The distance to be covered (refer to your registration confirmation for details)
  • And referencing the name of the event as Jay’s Longest Melanoma March

Do I need to arrange my own transport to and from my allocated leg of the walk?
It is encouraged that a family member or friend drop you off at the start and collect you at the finish of your allocated walk. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources within our Support Crew to provide this service. Your Walker’s Brief will have the exact locations and times as well as the contact details of the appropriate Crew member.

Will I need to provide my own hydration and food for the walk?
The Support Crew will have electrolyte and water available at all times during the walk. Lunch will be provided at the changeover/lunch break each day as well as some fruit and other snacks. It is encouraged that all walkers arrive at the commencement of their leg fully hydrated and having eaten a full meal (including breakfast if applicable). If you wish to bring along any specialised drinks or foods please give these to the Support Crew who will monitor those for you.

What should I wear?
The March will travel through a dry and hot climate in late Summer / Autumn in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. It is possible that in the Jindabyne/Canberra area we could encounter cooler conditions but these would generally be overnight. More humid conditions are expected in the Batemans Bay to Sydney portion. Checking the weather conditions, particularly day time temperatures for a week prior to your leg, would be most advisable.

We also expect everyone to be Sun Smart to protect your skin. Recommended clothing;

  • Sunscreen
  • Broad brimmed hat (provided)
  • Sports or performance pants (shorts below knee or long pants)
  • Socks (always include extra pairs)
  • Sports or performance-based shoes (not new)
  • Spare socks, t-shirt and jumper or jacket (especially for after your leg)
  • Sunglasses (suggested)

You will be provided with a walker’s long sleeved collared shirt, hat and sunscreen. The support crew will have amongst their inventory items plastic ponchos.

I’m already registered but can I change my leg?
Yes, it is possible but only if there are alternative spots available. If you wish to discuss available days, please email jaysmarch@melanoma.org.au.

Do I have to keep up with a specified pace?
You will be required to keep a minimum of 6km/h pace. It is a Police requirement that the walkers must remain as a group. For safety reasons the Support Crew have the jurisdiction to request a walker to cease walking and revert to one of the support vehicles.

Can I walk with an iPod, musical device or phone?
For the purpose of your safety and the safety of others we ask that these devices not be used during the walk at any stage.

Contact details:

Jay Allen
Phone: 0430 933 012
Email:  jaysmarch@melanoma.org.au