Fundraising guide

It's time to have some fun

If you are concerned about fundraising, don't be! You will be surprised how much your friends, family and work buddies will give to help you achieve your goal and tackle cancer.

3 Golden Rules

So you've decided to fundraise for Tour de Cure. It's time to get creative, but before you get started, always remember these three golden rules:

    • If you don't ask you don't get
    • Embrace 'yes'
    • Always be authentic and back yourself


Not only are we here for you every step of the way, there are also some fun ways that you might like think about to hit your fundraising target.

Karaoke for a cure

It’s time to stretch the vocal cords and host a karaoke night. Love it or hate it, we know from experience that it’s a great way to raise money. There’s nothing like a rendition of I Will Survive, Love Shack or Sweet Caroline to get people in the mood to donate. If you're on the lookout for a karaoke machine, reach out to friends on social media - you’ll be surprised how many people own one. Just remember to practise Achy Breaky Heart beforehand – you know you want to!

Put your walking shoes on

Where and how far will you walk to fight cancer? Some of our supporters have walked for days, others have walked the dog, but they all did it with the same aim: to help us find a cure for cancer. Whether you walk the dog wearing your onesie for a month or you spend several days walking the Overland Track, walk with purpose and become a Tour de Cure fundraiser today.

Bake sale – Let them eat cake!

Make like Adriano Zumbo and bake your way to fundraising success. Whether you run the event at work, school or from the comfort of your own home, gathering donations is made easier when you're offering people something delicious. Why not partner up with a friend and ask them to focus on coffee or tea. They can focus on the beans and brew, while you concentrate on baking the cupcakes, brownies and macaroons. Get your cake stand ready and get baking!

Calling all fish – It's swim time

Are you a fish? Do you love swimming? Why not turn your passion for laps or ocean swimming into a fundraising activity? By raising money for Tour de Cure, you can give your strokes real purpose and make your calories count for a cause close to your heart.

A wedding registry for a cure

Here’s the good news. You don’t have to turn into a self-obsessed Bridezilla while planning your wedding. Why not ask guests to donate to Tour de Cure in lieu of wedding gifts. Let's face it, there's only so many wine glasses, towels and cheeseboards you need to live happily ever after.

Host a quiz night

Your local pub, community centre or your kitchen are all great venues for hosting a quiz. You host the night and guests pay to play. Decide what’s easiest for you and get working on those questions. Will the topic change each round or will your quiz be more niche? Maybe it will be a rock quiz or general knowledge. Simple... but the questions might not be.

Climb a mountain

Our supporters are adventurous. They travel far and wide to raise money for cancer. If you love walking, hiking or climbing in the mountains, why not ask your friends and family to sponsor you? You don't have to climb Everest. Why not attempt a homegrown mountain like Mount Kosciuszko or Mount Wellington. The hills are alive...

Organise a raffle

Ask your local shops for free vouchers to their restaurant, cafe or beauty salon. Or ask them to donate a gift. You'll be amazed at how many of them say yes. Don't forget, it's a great way for local businesses to get free publicity, as well as aligning themselves with a great cause. If you make your raffle part of a bigger fundraising event - a wine tasting or a dinner party - you'll maximise your fundraising.Just remember though - don't use unwanted birthday presents as prizes or your mother-in-law might recognise them!

The Knitty Gritty

If you learnt to knit at your grandmother’s knee or if you’ve recently learnt how to wield a pair of needles, why not use your knitting skills to raise money? Purling is hip again so all those hand-crafted scarves, blankets and woolly wall hangings are in high demand. Set up a local stall or a Facebook page. Or for more publicity knit in a public place that will generate interest. Sydney Opera House steps anyone? Alternatively, you could organise a knitting group to meet up socially, have a drink, a chat and of course, get woolly with your fellow knit-chicks or yarn mates for cancer projects!

Skydiving – why not toss your boss?

Ever felt like tossing your boss out of a plane? Maybe you’re the boss and your employees would pay handsomely to see you free-falling from the sky. If you want a fun, heart-pumping way to fundraise for cancer, this is the ultimate. You'll experience the thrill of free-falling at over 200km/hr while soaking up spectacular views, all to help us beat cancer. Skydiving just doesn’t get any better!

Head shave

The head shave is one of our most popular fundraising activities. It’s also a brave way to raise money for cancer projects AND raise awareness of cancer. Make sure your bold new look gets the recognition it deserves by letting people bid to shave your head. Or get extra bang for your buck by letting people dye your hair a crazy colour for a week before the shave. Just remember first-time shavers, you must purchase a good razor to turn your hairy head into a smooth scalp!

Boo! Halloween Party

Everyone is up for a bit of ghoulish fun on Halloween, so it’s the perfect opportunity to fundraise for Tour de Cure. Why not host your own Halloween extravaganza and charge your witches, ghosts, vampires, monsters and pumpkins an entry fee to spend the night moon-dancing to Thriller. Sell goblin biscuits, creepy cakes and spooky soup. Play Pin the Tail on the Witch’s Cat or get people to vote for the scariest costume. It's scary how much fun you can have!

Host a movie night

We know it’s hard to rival Orange Is The New Black or The Queen, but why not host a movie night at home or go the whole hog and host a cinema screening. Whether it's hosted in the local school hall, work canteen, your living room, the local cinema or projected outside only one thing will stand between you and success – popcorn! So buy your own kernels and get popping. It's a great way to raise extra cash on the night. Salted caramel popcorn anyone?

Fundraising pack

If you're interested in fundraising for Tour de Cure, get in contact with us so that we can set you up on our website and send you a free fundraising pack. or call 02 8073 4000

Tax Deductible Receipts for Donations

Did you know: A donation over $2 is eligible for a Tax Deductible Receipt, however If a person or organisation is receiving goods or a service in return for their gift or donation, this is NOT eligible for a Tax Deductible Receipt as set out by the ATO. Therefore, raffle tickets, Trivia Nights, Sausage Sizzles and Golf Days etc will not receive a Tax Deductible Receipt.