? Volunteer of the month – Tour de Cure

Celebrating our wonderful volunteers

We couldn't do what we do without our volunteers.

Every month, we celebrate their incredible contribution.

March 2022 - Dat Lieu

Dat’s contribution to TdC covers many of our core values. He is a quiet achiever, and we at TdC are very lucky to have him as part of our wonderful family. Demonstrated most recently on Sig Tour, his ability to work with mentors and support the ride team both on and off the bike, always looking to support, encourage and lend a hand is commendable. Also supporting the Alpine Everesting event, assisting them with training and helping the team to achieve their goals, in addition to providing RL support on tour. Also, his contribution behind the scenes, providing support for the ongoing development of the TdC Hub.

Caring Value: Nurturing and Inclusive

February 2022 - Anastasia Sidiropoulos and Kerryn Westcott

So much has been done by these two Support Crew powerhouses, that in February, we're celebrating them both!

Anastasia (Stace) is the woman behind our incredibly detailed and accurate maps. Stace spends her many volunteer hours ensuring the Ride With GPS maps are correct, not just for some tours, but for all tours. We can't actually fathom how we'd do it without her, so thank you so much Stace!

Caring Value: Achieving

Kerryn (Kez) has taken on the Support Crew Manager position, and ensures all of our Crew members are ready for tour. Not only does she map them into roles, she calls them individually to ensure they're ready, trains them, then follows through with collecting feedback and thanking these legends of tour. The work she continues to do behind the scenes is incredible. Thank you Kez!

Caring Value: Respectful

January 2022 - Alpine Everesting Team

Elly Warren, Bec Hoschke and Mel Cockshutt embody ALL the TDC Values.  Together, they created the Alpine Everesting team and embarked on one of the biggest challenges of their lives; riding over 400km in just 36 hours, to the height of 10000m to complete an Everesting Roam challenge.
They did it to help close the cancer gap for First Nations people who are more likely to die from cancer than other Australians and raised over $80,000 in the process. Hundreds of volunteer hours were spent living the CARING TDC values to achieve a truly unique and world record-breaking event of significant magnitude.  

Caring Value: Courageous / Inclusive

December 2021 - Dawn Hinds

Our grants process revamp would not be possible without the commitment of Dawn. When we started using a platform called SmartyGrants, it meant that all of our historical grants needed to be uploaded into the system. As we're up to almost 600 different grants since 2007, you can imagine what dedication (and hours!) it took to sort it all out. Thank you so much Dawn for your tireless efforts

Caring value: Growing

November 2021 - Peter Braine

Pete delivers so much for the TDC community. He's an amazing Peloton Manager, weekly training ride lead and fundraiser, while also lending his skills in both the Risk & Audit and Victorian Committees.  Pete is respectful, inclusive and nurturing and is sometimes called upon to share his own story, something that takes courage and doesn’t come easily for him.  Pete - thank you so much for all you do. 

Caring value: Inclusive

October 2021 - Will Brunton

Will has been an incredible asset to the Gala committee for the past 5 years+ but particularly the last couple of months. When the most recent lockdown happened just days after the Snow Ball, Will had 300+ prizes fill his office. Will then spent the following 3-4 months responding to emails from guests who were wanting their prizes, and since being back he has had a revolving door of couriers, volunteers and guests and has had to spend days and nights reconciling prizing.

Caring values: Achieving and Respectful 

September 2021 - Michelle Yeates

Michelle has worked tirelessly on the CRM project burning the midnight oil around her full time “real” job to make sure TDC is set up for success. Michelle's experience and knowledge have been invaluable throughout many workshops and her dedication and vision have been inspiring.
She’s a driving force and always incredibly giving of her time and talents (which are considerable). Thank you Michelle for helping to steer us in the right direction!

Caring value: Achieving

August 2021 - David Torrance

When TDC Central decided to modularise the business streamlining our processes and systems, David Torrance stepped in to keep us on the right path. Over many months and iterations, David has had to deal with complex information and multiple stakeholders in order to get this project finalised, which aims to make us more efficient and ensure more money flows through to cancer projects. We couldn't do it without you David!

Caring values: Growing

July 2021 - Paul Barrie

Over many years, Paul has done a tremendous amount for TDC. He's there working away behind the scenes - facilitating multi-day workshops with the TDC leadership teams, taking on a formal coaching role, and participating strongly in the People and Culture and Tour Experience Committees. He's a star Support Crew member on tours, and a Volunteer Manager at our Gala Events. Paul does so much and we're so thankful to have him as part of our community. Thank you Paul!

Caring values: Inclusive, Nurturing

June 2021 - Caitlin Maurel

Caitlin is one of the powerhouses behind the Gala Committee. She works tirelessly to ensure our gala events are not only fabulous, but raise incredible funds for cancer research. With the Snow Ball at the International Convention Centre in June, Caitlin worked weeks of long hours doing anything to help out. She packed gift bags and fluffed table centrepiece feathers until midnight, then backed up the next day to help pack trucks.  Caitlin makes everyone feel welcome with her efficient and smiley ways. Thank you for all you do.

Caring values: Achiving/Inclusive

May 2021 - Zac Morris

Zac is an amazingly giving guy. Not only did he take 2 weeks off work to help on the Can4Cancer tour, he then stayed to help pull together the Woolies tour. His high level of collaboration with the HQ team & Training team during this period has been incredible. And all this while leading the coordination of the QLD team’s support of the Suncorp tour/walk throughout the year. We couldn't do it without you Zac!

Caring value: Achieving

April 2021 - Tony Payne

Tony is a stalwart at TDC Central. He is our Warehouse Master and takes care of leading the packing of equipment for our tours, and then unpacking and sorting after tours. With so many in quick succession from March - May, Tony was a busy man indeed.
In addition to packing, delivering, marking, and supervising the bike marshal teams for Can4Cancer Walk events in Adelaide and Melbourne, he went on to help with the Brisbane walk as well. Major - we think you're amazing! Thank you for all you do.

Caring values: Inclusive, Nurturing, Respectful

March 2021 - Anastasia Sidiropoulos

Between full-time work, AFL supporter commitments and Christmas decorating fundraisers for TDC, Anastasia puts in significant hours developing the navigation maps for Tours. Not only that, but she then manages all the drivers, navigators and cars while on tour, and ensures everyone is briefed and ready to roll. With most tours having multiple daily routes, we simply don't know what we'd do without Stace's smiling help. Thank you for all you do.

Caring value: Achieving

February 2021 - Ann Smith

Ann has been a committed volunteer with TDC for many years, participating in an incredible 19 tours in her time.  She has been involved with the Schools program, and was a major contributor in evaluating and redesigning the school presentation process.  More recently Ann has been instrumental in helping develop the volunteer management process for Tour de Cure.  Ann is dedicated and represents our TDC values.

January 2021 - Grant Morrell

Grant has been doing an outstanding job as Westpac's Volunteer Corporate Contact.
In this role, he has been excelling at managing the Westpac riders and coordination of the training squads to get nearly 100 riders on Saddles every Sunday. This involves regular meetings with Westpac's planning group as well as working closely with the athletes to ensure they are are happy and that their training is going as planned. This was certainly not made easy by the Northern Beaches Covid Christmas cluster.
Grant also designed the Christmas and "Get back to Training cards for the Experience Committee.
All of which has been done with a smile on his dial.
Caring Value: Nurturing

December 2020 - Connor Hughes

A member of the IT Committee, Connor is heavily involved in the data project and taken on operational improvements including assessing solutions for Expenses and Purchase Order streamlining and automation. He also significantly contributed to this year’s assessment of fundraising platforms to replace EverydayHero that resulted in us onboarding Grassrootz. All this while in a high workload real job. Thanks so much Connor!
Caring Value: Achieving

November 2020 - Tony Payne

Tony is one pair of safe hands we simply could not do without. 'Major' as he is affectionately known at TDC Central, has revolutionised our Kennards storage units, not only organising and categorising our merch, but ensuring we can find things in a hurry. Earlier in 2020, Tony also assisted with the FulGaz virtual tour filming. Thank you so much for the hours you dedicate to keeping us running mate. 

October 2020 - Michael Ford

With COVID affecting all of our financials at TDC HQ, Michael stepped in so that we were able to gain a better understanding of our financial situation. Michael's company - Castaway Forecasting has financial model software that creates a rolling three month forecast. With Michael's expertise we have not only reviewed our situation, but now have a trained forecaster in the office. Uncertainty be gone! Thank you Fordy!

July 2020 - Dat Lieu

Dat works tirelessly on the TDC Tech Committee to ensure our technology and data is safe and robust and still finds time to be heavily involved in several other projects. We're so thankful to have Dat's 'no fuss' attitude within our family. Thank you for all you do Dat! 

June 2020 - Tracy Walker

Tracy has dedicated a huge amount of time to reviewing, revising and improving our Grants program.
Not only has Tracy educated herself to become the office expert on our grants management system - Smartygrants, after lengthy consultation with institutions and applicants, she has revised, improved and sophisticated the annual grant application process.
With our grants process cleaned up, we can focus on reporting on the breakthroughs that your generosity has funded. Thank you so much Tracy! 

May 2020 - The Move in May Team

When Signature Tour 2020 was postponed, 14 of Tour de Cure's incredible volunteers banded together to get the team motivated. That's how the initiative 'Move In May' was born. With 208 of the Signature Tour team engaged, this project currently sits at 350 volunteer hours.

Our huge thanks to the Move in May team - Dat Lieu, Blaine Pickering, Benjamin Ruming, Alexander Bunn, Clint Bowen, Chris Richardson, Brett McLeod, Grant Morrell, Tash Evans

April 2020 - Peter Braine

As part of the Risk and Governance Committee, Peter doesn't hesitate to offer his expertise. With a financial background, Peter will not only field any random financial question we might have, but will also offer services that range from reviewing financial statements, ensuring TDC Central has access to learning webinars to coaching us through alternate ways of doing things. Thank you so much for your help Peter!

March 2020 - Anastasia Sidiropoulos

Most people won't realise just how much Anastasia does in the background of every single one of our tours, but we certainly do. Stace spends hours of every week going through our route maps to write navigation manuals so that our navs don't send a peloton down the wrong path. That's right - Stace creates the turn-by-turn nav systems that see us right on tour. Every tour. Stace we think you're amazing!

February 2020 - Rob Phipps

When people work together, particularly as closely and with emotion as we do at TDC Central, behaviours tend to have an amplifying effect. Rob once again chaired TDC Central's Heartstyles session so that we can continue to work together effectively.

But Rob didn't stop there, and has put an enormous amount of work revisiting TDC's values, and these will be launched in the coming months. And when he's not doing that, he has reworked our Work Health and Safety system. Thanks so much Rob!

January 2020 - Tash Evans

Tash Evans is gold. As part of the Experience Committee, Tash is instrumental in tracking riders, keeping spreadsheets up to date, and generally being an incredibly safe pair of hands. Tash also works within our schools team, ensuring that our tours visit schoolkids to help spread the work that 1 in 3 cancers are preventable. 

December 2019 - Cameron Punton and Richard Vause

These two great mates are the driving force behind our WA community. From organising training rides and catch ups to storing all our fundraising assets so the team in WA can access them - Cam and Rich are the smiling faces you'll see putting their hands up every time.

When we partnered with the Leukaemia Foundation, these two ensured the team were ready to go and their local knowledge ensured the route was spectacular. Thank you Cam and Rich.

November 2019 - Graeme Sissing, Lindsay Davies & Mike Rear

We simply couldn't do without the beloved GLM! These guys are the powerhouse behind the Peter Mac Ride, and disseminate information from HQ to the Captains of each Peter Mac Ride team, which further cascades to team members. 

We can't thank them enough for the long hours they put in, but also the way they do it - with love and humour. 

October 2019 - Chris Richardson

Richo as he's known, is right-hand man to King Buddy and spends hours every week ensuring the highest levels of safety are achieved and all while welcoming cyclists of any level. Richo works with ride leaders to help increase skill levels and ensure our development teams know how we ride. Thanks so much Richo!

September 2019 - Caitlin Maurel

On our Gala Committee from it's inception, you could not find someone more willing to dedicate her time and expertise to ensuring our Gala events are successful.

Caitlin is instrumental in the planning of the event, and you'll often her on the event floor ensuring everything is just right 20 mins before it's due to start. That's some speedy gala-ready skills!

August 2019 - Belinda Corelli

When Woolworths decided to extend their Woolies on Wheels tour to include a Walk, we needed some help sorting out routes, logistics and internal Woolworths engagement. We could not find a more willing and supportive volunteer than Belinda.

Due to her work, Woolies staff embraced this new offering, and will roll it out again in 2020/2021 to ensure their staff are Fit, Healthy and Happy. We couldn't have done it without your safe hands Belinda. Thank you!

July 2019 - Paul Barrie

The TDC Family are a close-knit community, who are passionate about curing cancer. Paul specialises in optimising the powerful potential of people, so when the opportunity arose to reinvigorate our reward and recognition processes, Paul put up his hand to help out.

TDC are constantly reviewing how best we recognise and thank those who so generously donate their time and skills, and Paul is a big piece of that puzzle.

June 2019 - Maz Coote

Maz is a valued member of the Gala Events Committee and volunteers her PR agency's time to ensure both the Snow Ball and the Spring Lunch make it to the society news. Maz worked hard on this year's Le Snow Ball, securing beverage and cocktail suppliers, the grazing station, silent and live auction prizes and high calibre entertainment such as Saturday Night Fever, ensuring more funds were directed to cancer research. Thank you Maz!

May 2019 - Clint Bowen

The wide smile of Clint Bowen aka King Buddy is unlike anyone else's. He grins from ear to ear as he calmly redesigns our cycle training plans, heads up the Tour Experience Committee to ensure the highest levels of safety are achieved and all while being first point of call for our new riders. He is King Buddy, and he doesn't mind making up ditties on the bike to entertain us all. We're not sure when Clint finds time to be a husband, Dad, business owner and sailor, but somehow he does it all without that smile slipping once. Chapeau to you Clint. We are so thankful for all you do. 

April 2019 - Lisa Healey

When Tour de Cure came up with our new cascade communications model, right at the top was our first point of contact - the Captain of Captains! This position disseminated information from HQ to the Captains of each Signature Tour team, which further cascaded to team members. When we discussed who would be best in this position, one name jumped off the page: Lisa Healey!

Lisa took to the role like the natural communicator she is and proceeded to hone the system so that information to the Signature Tour team was (truly) seamless. We can't thank her enough for the long hours she put in ensuring the entire team had all the info they needed.

March 2019 - Leanne Steel

Leanne joined our Cancer Grants Committee late last year. She now runs our new online grant application system. What an initiation -  78 research institutions and 181 applications! Leanne does it with calm perseverance and a winning attitude. We’re delighted she's joined the family. Congratulations Leanne.

February 2019 - Rob Phipps

When people work together, particularly as closely and with emotion as we do at TDC Central, behaviours tend to have an amplifying effect. That's why Rob put up his hand to ensure the TDC Team had the opportunity to attend a workshop called Heartstyles - a way of working to be more effective and better aligned with our values.

TDC Central may be a fairly high performing unit, but we want to understand each other and our motivations so we can continually improve. Rob volunteered his time and facilitated these sessions. The team still go back to Heartstyles when we're trying to work something out, and the learnings continue to be highly valuable. 

January 2019 - Brett McLeod

We are proud to welcome cyclists of any level, and can only do so with the help of many dedicated volunteers, ride leaders and mentors. Brett McLeod really goes above and beyond to help increase skill levels and ensure our development teams know how we ride. Brett makes everyone comfortable on tour. He analyses strava data, but he also is the lead in many training rides. His dedication to the cause is second-to-none. Thanks so much Brett!

December 2018 - Translational Research Institute Panel

We ensure the research we fund meets the highest possible standards of quality, accountability, transparency and openness. To achieve this, we have implemented an independent peer-review process and established an externally-led Research, Support and Prevention Committee.

Our project selection process is backed by esteemed research and clinical organisations, including the Translational Research Institute. The TRI Panel does much to ensure our funded grants are world-class propositions.

November 2018 - Chris Mannering

Known as 'Manners' to his crew, Chris heads up our Melbourne family. Manners was pivotal in training cyclists for the Peter Mac Ride in November, and is always on hand with fundraising assets and ideas, setting up training rides and generally being a smiling face to bounce ideas off. 

October 2018 - PWG Can4Cancer

Can4Cancer is a CommBank Foundation community initiative that raises vital funds to support researchers working towards curing and preventing cancer. The PWG is the Commonwealth Bank's volunteer Project Working Group, and has about 30 CBA employees dedicated to making the Walk portion of Can4Cancer bigger and better every year. This is on top of their every day jobs within the bank, and with 3,000 walkers in 6 states in 2018, meant many extra hours by this dedicated team.

September 2018 - Santina Collezione

Although Santina runs her own bridal boutique, with only her elderly mother assisting her, she is the cornerstone of the Gala Events Committee and works tirelessly for it's success.

Santina works year round on both the Snow Ball and Spring Lunch. She's been on the Committee for over four years and has been actively engaged in all aspects of Gala Events; including cold calling donors, successfully sourcing record number of prizes for auction, dressing Committee members and models, attending all pre-event and event commitments, wrapping prizes etc.

She is always there supporting everyone quietly and efficiently.. she is fabulous!

August 2018 - Jonathan Moody

Jonathan works at oOh!media - one of our amazing partners, and once he saw just how much work goes into creating a tour, he rolled up his sleeves to help map workflows into a project management plan. Jonathan spent many hours in the office with the Events team to find efficiencies in our tours, which turned out to be a very complex project indeed.  We now save hours thanks to Jonathan's ideas, which means better tours for all! Thanks Jonathan!

July 2018 - Anastasia Sidiropoulos

Most people won't realise just how much Anastasia does in the background of every single one of our tours, but we certainly do. Stace spends hours of every week going through our route maps to write navigation manuals so that our navs don't send a peloton down the wrong path. That's right - Stace creates the turn-by-turn nav systems that see us right on tour. Every tour. Stace we think you're amazing!

June 2018 - Viera Macikova

May 2018 - Chuck Bailey

April 2018 - Jenny Morris

March 2018 - Clint Bowen

February 2018 - Rob Simons

January 2018 - Ann Smith and Jo Collins

December 2017 - Hassia Dumoulin

November 2017 - Susanne Fairbrother

October 2017 - Daren Armstrong

September 2017 - Cassandra Prothero

August 2017 - Nanette Bowen

July 2017 - Andrew Feneley

May 2017 - Ian Salmon

April 2017 – Tony Payne

Tony is a very worthy recipient of the TDC Volunteer of the Month Award for April 2017. In the lead up to Signature Tour 2017, Tony helped to transform our warehouse from a shamble-scramble into a well organised, tidy operation that enabled us to be ready for tour. He also implemented a labelling system, transported the fleet of Lexus cars to various locations and when an ongoing injury prevented him taking part as a rider, Tony stepped up to lead our Hydration Station as part of our support crew on tour. Along with his trusty helper Marg Williams, Tony worked around the clock to make sure that our thirsty riders were well hydrated. Tony is always happy to lend a hand whenever asked. He is an absolute volunteering superstar and brought a lot of joy and laughter to tour. He's a very worthy winner indeed!

March 2017 – Robert Simons

Rob put in extraordinary hours on top of his day job as a Network Engineer for Optus to help us prepare for Signature Tour 2017. Drawing on his professional knowledge of systems and logistics, Rob helped to lead and digitally engineer the creation of the TDC Signature Tour App. He worked tirelessly with the developers to request and test enhancements, collated a myriad of information for Sig Tour and performed miracles on Excel to bring it all together. The App revolutionised life on tour, bringing crucial information like daily itineraries, room allocations and meal times to everyone's mobile in a timely fashion. Congratulations on being the TDC Volunteer of the Month for March 2017 Rob. Your hard work and dedication was very much appreciated. Thank you!

February 2017 – Anastasia Siridipoulos

Anastasia has been involved with TDC since 2015 when she was rear car navigator for Signature Tour 2015. Since then, she's taken on a much bigger volunteering role and uses her considerable skills in many different ways. She was one of fourteen team captains for Signature Tour 2017. She was responsible for developing the navigation system, training the team to use the mobile tablets for navigation, preparing detailed route maps and overseeing the peloton vehicles. She also took some amazing photography of the tour, which she generously shared with the whole team. Thanks to Anastasia's hard work, Signature Tour 2017 was able to safely navigate it’s way over 1,200kms and two states from Hotham to Hobart. Congratulations Anastasia for being awarded the Volunteer of the Month for February 2017. A very worthy winner indeed!

January 2017 – Jo Collins

Tour de Cure would like to thank Jo Collins for putting in many hours in the lead up to Signature Tour 2017. Jo spent many weeks on the phone to organise site visits. All in all, Jo’s hard work means that Tour de Cure will be able to distribute cancer awareness packs and a SPECIALIZED bike to every child at every school we visit. Thanks to Jo and another long-term and committed volunteer, Ann Smith, Tour de Cure is able to present our Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy program to primary school kids across Australia, raising awareness about cancer prevention and promoting healthy lifestyles. Thanks to Jo's tip-top organisation, Tour de Cure can help children understand cancer and its treatment in an entertaining way. Thanks Jo for all your hard work and commitment to Tour de Cure. You deserve the TDC Volunteer of the Month award!

December 2016 – Phil Gallant

Tour de Cure would like to recognise Phil Gallant as Volunteer of the Month for December 2016 for all his hard work in preparation for the Westpac and Signature Tour 2017. Phil has been a buddy to other riders, helping to mentor them in the lead up to tour. This has included supporting them with their training and encouraging them with their fundraising. Phil has also been the stage rider coordinator for both the Westpac and Signature Tour 2017 - an important role that helps riders feel part of the team. Behind the scenes, Phil has been instrumental in helping us develop and administer our fundraising tracker, which has revolutionised the way we prepare for tours, and he's also played a leading part in the development of our new website. Congratulations Phil!

November 2016 – Derek Carroll

We'd like to recognise the amazing Derek Carroll as Volunteer of the Month for November 2016. Derek has played a pivotal role in helping to build the TDC team and brand in WA, along with fellow rider Matt Fulton. Since relocating to Victoria, Derek has worked closely with fellow TDC riders, Heidi Bramberger and Chris Mannering to set up the inaugural Peter Mac ride in 2016. Derek was outstanding in the leap up to Peter Mac. He helped to communicate with the team, making sure that new riders felt welcome and supported. This included helping them with the registration process and chasing up medical checks. On tour, Derek was  inspirational. He encouraged everyone to keep going - particularly up the hills! He was also incredible supportive to the whole team with their fundraising. Congratulations Derek!

October 2016 – Ian Salmon

As a committed member of our Support Crew for the past 7 years Ian Salmon is one of the most recognisable faces at our tours and events. He's also one of the most popular - always there to lend a hand whenever we need him This October we want to recognise him for his tireless work over the CAN4CANCER Tour. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Sammo. The hours he puts in are unbelievable, working from dawn 'til dusk as a valuable member of our event logistics team. We are extremely fortunate to have him in the TDC family. Thanks for all that you do Ian!

September 2016 – Nanette Bowen

On the 18 of October 2016, almost 400 people walked 21km from the Sydney’s CBD to Parramatta as part of TDC's inaugural walk with Commonwealth Bank for CAN4CANCER. Nanette Bowen took on the daunting challenge to project the CAN4CANCER Walk project and made it all look easy. Thanks to her ability to plan, the event ran like clockwork. Every team of walkers thoroughly enjoyed the experience of getting fit and striding for a cure. Thank you Nanette! We're blessed to have the kind of volunteers in our family that we can rely on to do such fantastic work.

August 2016 – Steve Thom

As the Chair of our Technology Committee, Steve has played a pivotal role in the planning and development of Tour de Cure’s new website, which is scheduled for launch in June 2017. This has been an enormous commitment, with endless hours over many months. Steve also runs his own business and has a wife and three daughters. And he also rides with TDC and has to find time to train and fundraise. Despite his enormous workload and the pressure of juggling so many commitments, Steve takes everything in his stride and is always positive and helpful. Nothing is ever too much trouble. Thank you Steve for all your hard work and commitment. We look forward to the big reveal!

July 2016 – Ann Smith

Ann Smith is a well-respected member of the TDC family who has given much of her time over the past four years to help Tour de Cure reach new heights. As a Tour de Cure Support crew veteran, her efforts in July at our headquarters greatly assisted the team's preparation for an unprecedented number of events. Ann’s work as our school liaison continues to ensure that we reach more children every year with our Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy cancer awareness and prevention program. From all of us at Tour de Cure, Amazing Ann, we cannot thank you enough!

June 2016 – Kylie Ferreira, and Ashleigh and Craig White

This terrific trio deserve the award of Volunteer of the Month 2016. Together they've worked tirelessly to help make the TDC Snow Ball 2016 a spectacular success. More than 280 prizes were up for auction on the night. Kylie played a leading role in organising the curation and distribution of the prizes. Ashleigh and her brother Craig worked hard behind the scenes to manage logistics both before and during the event. Congratulations Kylie, Ashleigh and Craig for helping to make the TDC Snow Ball 2016 run like clockwork. It was an amazing event and we can't thank you enough for your support.

May 2016 – Suzi Barling

Suzi has been an invaluable and much loved member of the Tour de Cure family for three years. She's been a rider and a support crew member, and also applies her skills in project management to ensure CAN4CANCER, our community initiative with the Commonwealth Bank, is a huge success. This year, Suzi put those talents to good use and played a massive role in organising the Signature Tour 2016 finale at Darling Harbour. We couldn't have done it without you, Suzi. Huge thanks from all of us at Tour de Cure.

April 2016 – Danny Moore

Danny Moore has been involved with Tour de Cure since 2010 when he joined us for Signature Tour, and hasn't missed one since. Danny is always there with a smile and some encouragement. He is ride leader, and is always thinking of ways to help make Tour an even better experience for everyone. Danny lives in Sydney with his wife and three kids. Although riding is a passion of his, he also has interests in a couple of businesses and somehow he still makes room with his bottomless energy and enthusiasm for Tour de Cure, which we're so thankful for!

March 2016 – Dr Sevinch Olcer, Owen Barnett and Simon McMenamie

At TDC, the health and wellbeing of everyone who comes on tour with us is paramount, which is why we are so grateful to our amazing medical team. In 2015 our Medical Director, Dr Olcer, implemented a new medical protocol which places health and safety first. Every team member must now have signed approval from their doctor to participate. This gives our medical team a comprehensive overview of people's family history, medical history and general health, enabling them to offer the best possible care and treatment if necessary. Each tour now has a fully qualified doctor with emergency experience and a state-of-the-art Go Bag to treat any potential trauma roadside. The professionalism and dedication of our amazing medical team has already proved life-saving. One rider had a pre-existing heart condition diagnosed as part of their medical check-up, which resulted in a heart bypass operation. 

February 2016 – Phil Gallant

Phil has been a part of the TDC family since 2011. He's taken part in 6 Signature Tours and has helped out numerous shorter tours. Losing his partner Sarah to melanoma in 2010 was the catalyst for Phil to become involved with Tour de Cure. It's this and the desire to help cure cancer that keeps him coming back for more. This year Phil helped to organise our team of 49 Stage Riders over five stages of the Signature Tour – including creating a guide for Stage Riders so they were as prepared as possible for the experience of being on Tour. Thank you Phil for all of your support and commitment. You are a very deserving winner.

January 2016 – Gav Hardy and Andrea Krakovska

Gavin Hardy was our inaugural Volunteer of the Month back in November 2013. Since 2012, after experiencing his first tour, he has offered his time a graphic designer on a number of TDC projects. Having worked in the creative industry for 30 years, he is well suited to helping us out in areas where we need a little creative boost. Living with his family in beautiful Port Douglas, where the Rainforest meets the Reef. Gav would be the first to admit that his partner Annie is the main fundraiser in the family with the help and support of his two gorgeous daughters Madi and Amy. About to embark on his 5th Signature Tour, he hopes he can be as useful to us on the bike as he is off it. Andrea started volunteering for TDC as a graphic designer in 2015 after graduating from University to build on her experience and portfolio. She has since worked on a variety of design projects, from brochures and postcards to designing elements for their website. Andrea is grateful for the opportunity to play a small part in TDC’s success.

December 2015 – Samantha Hollier-James

As one of our incredible Tour de Cure co-founders, Samantha is incredibly proud to be nominated as TDC Volunteer of the Month, given the calibre and commitment of previous winners. Samantha loves our TDC family - ordinary people who find the time in their busy lives to contribute to finding a cure for cancer. Samantha has a gorgeous husband, two beautiful girls and a loving and supportive family. It was Samantha's Nan, who died of bowel cancer, who was her inspiration for founding Tour de Cure back in 2007. It's her memory that inspires Samantha every day to focus on what's important. Although she's never cycled, Samantha has seen first-hand the dedication and commitment of our brilliant team of riders, support crew and volunteers who like her, are determined to make a difference. Samantha is a very worthy recipient, putting in extraordinary hours to make our tours and events successful. She is always available to help others, giving advice, support and encouragement along the way. Thank you Sam!

November 2015 – Roxanne Mann

Roxanne is fairly new to Tour de Cure and joined us for Signature Tour 2015. A designer by trade, she has taken a leading role in the design of the new Tour de Cure Head Office in Frenchs Forest and helped with the relocation. Since Signature Tour, Roxanne has been there to lend a helping hand whenever needed, including on the Woolies on Wheels Tour 2015. Roxanne lives in Sydney with her husband David - another TDC rider and also a TDC Board member - and their three children. She's always happy to nominate them for volunteering duties at a moment's notice. Thank you Roxanne for your support and generosity!

October 2015 – Owen Barnett

Possibly one of the nicest guys on tour, Owen is an integral part of our Medical Team. He's always ready to give people a hug or much needed support on tour and is lovely company for anyone that has the good fortune to sit next to him at dinner. He's also a vital part of any peloton with his calm, unflappable approach to life. He's been part of Tour de Cure since 2008 and feels blessed to have the love and support of his amazing family - his wife Heather and their two lovely sons, Greg and Michael. He's passionate about the cause and recently celebrated his 100th stage with Tour de Cure. While we are still losing loved ones to cancer, Owen is determined to do his bit to help find a cure.

September 2015 – Ann Smith and Kathy Mason

Firm friends and hilarious together, these two do a lot for Tour de Cure. Ann initially became through Kathy. She'd never previously associated with people in Lycra and now spends half her life running around after them. Kathy is a cyclist and one of the fittest ladies on tour - seriously, she's a machine! This delightful duo help out wherever they are needed - both on and off our. They're also an integral part of our school program, helping to organise our visits to primary schools to present our Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy program. What a team! 

August 2015 – Sevinch Olcer

Dr Sevinch has been a part of the Tour de Cure Family since 2012. In order to run safe and inspiring tours, we first need to look after our team. Dr Sevinch has assisted in fine-tuning and improving our medical process. She supports and assesses the team, and advises how best to look after them. Dr Sevinch lives with her family on the NSW Central Coast, and her lovely husband, Simon McMenamie has recently gifted her a new bike. We'll look forward to hearing whether she becomes a cycling tragic!

July 2015 – Danny Moore

Danny Moore has been involved with Tour de Cure since 2010 when he joined us for Signature Tour, and hasn't missed one since. Danny is always there with a smile and some encouragement. He is ride leader, and seems to have a direct line with the weatherman. 

Danny lives in Sydney with his wife and three kids. Training occupies much of his spare time. Somehow he still makes room for family skiing holidays amongst his bottomless energy and enthusiasm for Tour de Cure, which we're so thankful for!

June 2015 – Dominique Robinson

Dominique joined the Tour de Cure Board in 2010, and is the driving force behind our extremely successful TDC Snow Ball, which has quickly become one of the premier charity events in Sydney. She has always tried to give something back to the community and supports charities close to her heart, including Kids for Life and Tour de Cure. Dominique has lost some close friends and colleagues to cancer, so she is dedicated to finding a cure for this terrible disease. Thank you Dom for everything you do for us!

May 2015 - David Duff

David or Duffy as he's affectionately known, has been a part of the Tour de Cure Family since 2010 and has so far been on 11 Tours as part of the support crew. He's always there with a smile and a level head. King of tour logistics, he keeps his truck on a tight schedule. Legend has it that tour is not complete until Duffy returns to his home, which is after driving the truck (usually across states) back to base, unpacking and returning it, then arriving home. When you're after something on tour,  Duffy will know where it is. He never seems to tire, but when alone in his truck, will write tour poetry. Duffy lives on the Central Coast with his gorgeous wife Robin and small dog, Misty. It's always a great day at Tour de Cure Central when Duffy pops in. 

April 2015 – Kevin Coombes and Paul Wilkinson

Kevin is the father of Tour de Cure Co-founder, Geoff Coombes so you'd have to say he's played a pivotal role in the development of Tour de Cure! He's also been an invaluable member of our support crew on several tours. When we needed to relocate vehicles from one state to another, Kevin recruited his mate, Paul Wilkinson, more commonly known as Wilko. Together this intrepid pair have completed some epic road trips and clocked up a LOT of mileage. In April 2015 alone these two drove 6,500 kms from Perth to Adelaide, Sydney to Adelaide and Melbourne to Sydney to ensure that our tours had a full complement of cars. Both Kev and Wilko are retired QANTAS engineers so have trouble with the logistics of getting from A to B. The fact that they leave their homes at a moment's notice to help us out is testament to their commitment and friendship. Rumour has it that their wives quite enjoy it when they go away. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder!

March 2015 – Marg Bailey

Everyone loves Marg. She's been an integral part of the TDC family since 2011. She's been on an incredible 14 Tours as part of our support crew. She's one of our unsung heroes who is always happy to help. She recently volunteered to travel to Melbourne to help with Tour de Cure's Ironman team, and came along to keep riders safe on the Woolies Community Ride. Marg will often turn up at Tour de Cure Central to see if we need a hand. On tour, everyone wants to spend time with her and her trusty sidekick, Pam. Dubbed Thelma and Louise, Marg and Pammy make everyone laugh and everyone wants a hug from them. Thank you Marg - you are amazing!

Marg Bailey (left)

Marg Bailey (left)

February 2015 – Phil Gallant

Phil has been a part of the TDC family since 2011, taking part in 5 Signature Tours and helping out as support on a couple of country tours. Losing his partner Sarah to Melanoma in 2010 provided the initial motivation for Phil to become involved with Tour de Cure and it’s this, plus the belief that we can all do something to help help cure cancer, that keeps him coming back for more. This year Phil helped to organise our team of 39 guest riders over four stages of the Signature Tour – including organising a series of training rides to ensure that they were as prepared as possible for the experience of being on tour. Training rides occupy a fair amount of Phil’s spare time, however there’s also room for some mountain biking and the plan for this year is to balance things out with kayaking and swimming.

January 2015 – Jodi Harris

Jodi has been a part of the Tour de Cure Family since 2012, riding in every QLD Country Tour and two Signature Tours.Jodi has been instrumental in bonding the Signature Tour 2015 team via our Facebook page. She's ensured all team members share fundraising tips and tricks, inspirational photos and introduced a whole new level of collaboration within the team. Jodi likes to spend time keeping up with her husband (Ironman), son (basketball, rowing) and daughter (swimming, water polo, rowing) and pretending she isn't the shortest one in her family.

December 2014 – Renee Cobcroft

Renee is a relatively new recruit to the Tour de Cure Family, volunteering with us since November 2014. Renee has greatly helped to get us organised at Tour de Cure Central. She was instrumental in ensuring our Team Awards night was successful, and has brought her depth of knowledge to our website planning and analysis. Renee has just finished her degree in Communications, plays the drums in several bands in her free time and works part-time in school libraries. She is passionate about helping to bring an end to the unnecessary suffering of others. Motivation to volunteer at Tour de Cure comes from knowing the struggle of several close friends, family and co-workers as they battle against cancer, and from experiencing the heartache and helplessness that comes with that territory. She is on board the Tour de Cure journey to make cancer history.

November 2014 – Matt Fulton

Matt has been a member of the Tour de Cure Family since 2011. Matt was part of a contingent from WA that spearheaded our recently held Inaugural WA Country Tour. The WA team were instrumental in ensuring all aspects of the tour were successful. From route mapping, reconnaissance, corporate engagement, media, rider training and recruitment, they were there to steer this very successful Country Tour. Matt is a proud father and is currently trying to teach Hunter how to pedal his bike rather then getting pushed.

October 2014 – Owen Barnett

Owen feels blessed to have the love and support of his amazing family - Heather, Greg & Michael, and feels privileged to be part of Tour de Cure, and the opportunity to make a difference. Owen initially became involved in 2008 as he wanted to buy a new jersey from a charity and the first site was Tour de Cure. Upon speaking to Sam he was “hooked”. The rest is history. Why Tour de Cure? Unfortunately, we’ve all seen the physical, emotional and psychological effects of cancer on patients, their family and friends. We need to continue to raise money to fund cancer research, support and prevention programs. We need to continue making a difference. Tour de Cure has already done a lot but there is still so much more to be done. We are still burying too many people before their time.

September 2014 – Paul Egan

Paul started with Tour de Cure in 2010 completing the first Signature Tour after his book-keeper Kathy died of breast cancer. Since that time Paul has gone on to complete 5 Signature Tours and has assisted with Queensland and Victorian Tours. Paul's mother-in-law and father-in-law are currently fighting cancer so that drives him to keep riding. Due to his rugged good looks and natural talent, Paul has often featured in Channel 7's Signature Tour coverage.

August 2014 – Shani Vander-Young

Shani started with Tour de Cure in 2011. She has been fundamental in recruiting schools for our visits on tour which enables us to deliver our Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy program to thousands of children throughout Australia. Shani lives with her husband and youngest son in Melbourne. She is a part time school teacher, which is why she likes volunteering in a school recruiting-liaison role. Although Shani is not able to participate in as many tours as she'd like, one of her real highlights has been getting to know and work with some terrific people.

July 2014 – Kathy Mason

Kathy has been part of the Tour de Cure family since 2010. She has been a rider, guest rider and support on numerous tours, as well as volunteering her time at corporate events and school presentations. She and her husband Marty got involved with Tour de Cure after Marty was diagnosed and treated for testicular cancer in 2009. Marty was fortunate in that testicular cancer is more treatable and curable than many other cancers. He has gone on to ride 4 full tours. There is still a long way to go for many cancers and much to do, so with this in mind, and after hearing of another close family friend being diagnosed, Kathy will ride another full tour next year and help out wherever she can.

June 2014 – Dominique Robinson

Dominique joined the Tour de Cure Board in 2010. She saw an opportunity for a non-Lycra event and set up the TDC Snow Ball. In her words "Why should the cyclists have all the fun?" The first Ball has been such an incredible success that we are already planning on the next one. Dominique is determined to make the Ball the premier charity event in Sydney. She has been tireless in her efforts to secure sponsorship, prizes and entertainment. To put on an event of this magnitude takes months of planning, hard work and dedication. Did we mention that Dom is also the Managing Director of Robinson legal so has a very busy career. She is married to Andrew and has three beautiful children, yet still finds time for her charity work. Thank you for everything you do for Tour de Cure! 

May 2014 – Ann Smith

Ann has been a proud member of the team since 2012 since the death of her husband from cancer. Her aim is to do whatever she can to support TDC in its goals of support and education, and ultimately to find a cure for cancer.
Ann happily helps out wherever she is needed – on tour, in the office and also organising the schools program for the tours from home.

April 2014 – David Duff

David Duff has been part of TDC since 2010. David has lost both of his parents, as well as other family and friends to cancer so he knows the mental and physical pain that this disease causes. His mission is to do what he can to find a cure for this insidious disease. David and his beautiful wife Robin join us from the Central Coast and are always willing to help out when they can.

March 2014 – Richard Harrison

Richard joined TDC in 2013. He was introduced to us through his good friend Victor de Sousa who is TDC’s Tour Director. Richard has been invaluable in helping us prepare for Signature Tour this year and also with our logistics and warehouse. Rich's Dad has battled cancer over the last few years and the fact he is winning the battle is due to the knowledge and expertise generated by cancer research that is funded by charities like Tour de Cure.

February 2014 – Lisa Healey

A member of the TDC Family since 2011, Lisa is part of the Optus team and was instrumental in the selection of the Optus TDC team, supporting them in their training & fundraising efforts. Lisa is always willing to share with others what she has learnt during her TDC journey.

January 2014 – Susan Alexander

Sue has been volunteering with Tour de Cure since January 2014. Sue is a member of the TDC Research Review Panel assisting the Board in selecting projects to fund in 2014. When not volunteering with Tour de Cure, Sue is the Director of Regulatory Affairs Australia and New Zealand for Roche Products Pty Ltd.

December 2013 – Matt Fulton

A member of the TDC Family since 2011. Matt recently moved to WA and continued to support TDC and has undertaken several volunteer projects including fundraising, assisting police compliance and route mapping and scoping of TDC Tour routes. Matt is proud father to Hunter, who has recently started walking.

November 2013 – Gav Hardy

Gav is a proud Tour de Cure family member who is always willing and on hand to offer design expertise and advice. Gavin has completed over 15 design projects for TDC on a voluntary basis.

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