? Why partner with us? – Tour de Cure

An opportunity to drive change

A partnership with Tour de Cure – helping to find a cure for cancer – will bring unique benefits for your organisation, customers and staff. 

Together we can make a difference. 

Bring your CSR strategy to life

We recognise that your business goals are unique, so we will work collaboratively with you to develop a partnership package that meets your:

    • Corporate social responsibility strategies
    • Community engagement initiatives
    • Corporate wellness programs
    • Budget availability

By tailoring a tour or an event to suit your needs,you can make a meaningful impact on local communities and drive staff engagement, performance and productivity.

Align your brand with a highly engaged audience

Our supporters have a deep emotional connection to Tour de Cure. This includes individuals, families, the Australian community and corporate partners like:

    • Channel 7
    • Lexus
    • Woolworths
    • Commonwealth Bank
    • Adobe

A strategic partnership with Tour de Cure – based on shared values and goals – will align your brand with positive social change, inspiring trust and engagement with a wide network of people across Australia.

Inspire and motivate your staff

Research shows that staff satisfaction and engagement with your organisation's values and activities is critical to attracting, developing and retaining good people.

Our challenging, fun and magical cycling tours and walking events will:

    • Drive emotional commitment from your staff
    • Boost workplace morale
    • Forge closer relationships and build trust between work colleagues
    • Improve health and wellbeing
    • Drive your performance and productivity 

Build closer ties with local communities

Our corporate tours and events visit primary schools and regional communities across Australia to raise awareness that 1 in 3 cancers are preventable.

By becoming a corporate partner, you can become an integral part of this important, life-changing work and build closer ties with the communities in which you operate.

Engage one on one, bringing change to local communities.

Increase your customer loyalty

Customers increasingly want to engage with companies that tackle important social issues.

A partnership with Tour de Cure is an opportunity to show that your organisation plays a visible and valuable role in the community, enhancing your customer relationships and ultimately, revenue.

Generate greater media exposure

Thanks to our incredible partnership with Channel 7 and the Sunrise program, Tour de Cure reaches millions of Australian households every year.

Through our partnership, your brand will reach new and existing audiences, building your brand reputation, profile and presence in communities across Australia.

Work alongside our partners to create something great.

Key ways you can partner with us

We work with our partners in many different ways, including:

    •  Staff fundraising opportunities (with company matching)
    •  Tour/event sponsorship to promote your brand
    •  Tours/events to drive staff engagement
    •  Pro bono
    •  Gifts in kind
    •  Skilled/unskilled volunteering opportunities

Did you know?

The cost of absenteeism in Australia is estimated at $7 billion a year, while presenteeism – defined as not fully functioning at work because of a medical condition – was recently estimated to cost the economy more than $34 billion a year. 

A partnership with us that is aligned with your corporate health and wellbeing programs, will bring physical, mental and emotional benefits to your employees and financial benefits to your organisation.

You have an opportunity to make a difference

Get in touch with us today and find out about the positive difference your organisation can make through a strategic partnership with Tour de Cure.

Contact us

There's a tour for you.   See open tours 

There's a tour for you.

Where does the money go?   Find out more

Where does the money go?

Volunteer with TdC.   Find Out More

Volunteer with TdC.

Tailored partnerships 

We will work with you to develop a partnership package that aligns with your goals, values and budget. 

Meet our current partners

Our most successful partnerships span a multi-year lifecycle and include some of Australia's leading brands.

Get in touch

For more information contact Geoff Coombes, Director of Development:
P: 0402 079 215
E: geoff@tourdecure.com.au

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