Tour de Cure celebrates 48 cancer breakthroughs

Thanks to the tireless fundraising efforts of our community over the years, Tour de Cure has now funded over 500 cancer projects in research, support and prevention.

We are extremely proud to announce that these research projects have led to 48 major cancer breakthroughs. A breakthrough is a significant medical advancement, that increases our understanding of the causes, the treatment or the diagnosis of cancer.

Each breakthrough takes us closer to our goals of Curing cancer, changing lives.

Whilst this is incredible news, there is so much more to do. Please donate to Tour de Cure so we can continue this important work.

With your help we have funded 48 breakthroughs

Hear from Paul Mirabelle and Bruno Maurel when we hit 40 breakthroughs

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But there's more to be done

More donations mean more researchers, more research and more chance of breakthroughs. It means more Australians living happier, healthier and longer lives. Please make a donation today.

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