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Pioneering research

Our aim is to make cancer a preventable, controllable, survivable and curable disease for all. 

Generous support from people like you enables us to fund the boldest research and the most talented scientists in our efforts to beat cancer. 

Your donations fund all types of cancer research projects, from basic research to late phase clinical trials, and the cancer research leaders of tomorrow. 

Thanks to you, cancer experts are making important progress every day.

"I am passionate that all cancer sufferers have access to the latest and greatest treatments so that they too can use the remission word as I now am. "

Chris White, cancer survivor and TDC Rider

What we fund

Tour de Cure funds traditional research projects, which include:

    • Senior Research Grant – worth $200,000
    • Young Researcher Grant – worth $125,000
    • Pioneering Cancer Research Grant – worth $80,000
    • Collaborative Grant – worth $50,000

Senior Research Grant

Behind our approach to curing cancer is an ambitious attempt to turn scientific discovery into real benefits for cancer patients. Senior Research Grant recipients must have completed established research for more than 3 years with published results, indicating significant progress towards cancer cures.

"Only 25 years ago, Burkitt's non-Hodgkin's lymphoma was not treatable... if I'd been diagnosed then, I would have been left to die."

Jake Bailey, Tour de Cure ambassador and cancer survivor

Funding researchers of tomorrow

We proactively identify promising research and critical knowledge gaps that do not fit into traditional funding mechanisms. We fund emerging, young researchers who might struggle to get funding from more conventional resources. We fund leading-edge equipment to help identify new ways to detect and treat cancer. Our aim is to promote talent and build critical skills and capacity in innovative cancer research in Australia.

Collaborating to cure cancer 

Cancer is a tough enemy. It will take collective brainpower across the whole research community to find a cure. The modern world of cancer research is underpinned by strong partnerships between organisations - sharing knowledge, capacity, resources and best practice. Our Collaborative Research Grants support a multidisciplinary team approach by supporting researchers across different institutes to harness their skills and expertise to cure cancer.

Funding Australia's leading cancer institutes

We're committed to funding innovation and excellence. Some of the leading cancer institutes we've funded include:

    • The Garvan Institute of Medical Research
    • The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre
    • Children's Cancer Institute
    • Centenary Institute of Cancer Medicine & Cell Biology
    • Murdoch Children's Cancer Research Institute
    • Telethon Kids Institute

By raising much-needed funds, we're doing whatever we can to help the science and medical community speed up the 'bench to bedside' process and save lives.

Why research matters

Research and clinical practice go hand in hand – for every successful cancer treatment, there are countless hours – and often years – of research that have informed the practice and ensured the patient will achieve the best possible outcome. We find and fund research that:

    • Develops new treatments or drugs
    • Prevents cancer
    • Improves quality of life
    • Improves understanding of different cancers
    • Helps us to understand the emotional and physical support that people need when they are living with cancer

Thanks to our supporters, we've helped to fund groundbreaking research that has saved the lives of many thousands of people in Australia and all over the world.

Be inspired

People are at the heart of what we do. Through our tours and events across Australia, we hear incredible stories of survival, loss, inspiration, heartbreak and determination. It's these stories that motivate us to keep on covering ground to cure cancer. 

Meet Dr Christopher Chan

Dr Christopher Chan, a Project Leader at BioCurate in Melbourne, has had a long interest in harnessing the power of the immune system to fight cancer. He started out as a talented young researcher at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne, where funding from Tour de Cure enabled him to focus on immunology to fight leukaemia. In the course of his research, Dr Chan discovered some vital new leads on how to outwit this deadly disease. Dr Chan has gone on to continue his work as an immunologist in America. He recently contributed to defining the function of a new gene, which could inhibit the body's immune response to cancer and has helped to develop a new anti-body drug to reverse this. The drug is currently in development for clinical trials. Dr Chan is extremely grateful to Tour de Cure for backing him when he was an emerging researcher and enabling him to make such progress in the fight to cure and prevent cancer.

Meet Nikki Tisdale

Cancer is very close to my heart. Earlier this year I lost my father – at such a young age – after a 6-year battle with Prostate cancer. It broke my heart to see what he went through and my family struggles every day to comprehend the 'how' and 'why'. He didn’t deserve to go through such a horrendous, painful ordeal and neither does anyone else. I want to be able to help ensure that others do not need to face what he did. My dad's diagnosis prompted his brothers to get checked. Surprisingly 3 out of the 4 brothers also were found to have prostate cancer – all of them have had surgery or other treatment and are in the clear. It is thanks to many years of testing and research that they are able to be cancer free and who knows what can come from future research. The dream is for a cancer free world – and I want to be a part of making this happen.

Help make more research like this possible

We rely on the support of people like you to fund the world-class research, state-of-the-art technologies and most talented scientists to discover cancer cures..


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