? Tracey Scone Wig Library for cancer patients

Tracey Scone Wig Library for cancer patients

    NAME Tracey Scone Wig Library
    CANCER TYPE General
    INSTITUTION Arrow Bone Marrow Transplant Foundation
    STATE New South Wales
    GRANT TYPE Other
    PROJECT TYPE Support

    [excerpt from arrow.org.au] "Hair loss can be one of the most emotionally distressing side effects of chemotherapy, a treatment that affects all cells in the body including hair follicle cells. Like cancer cells, hair follicle cells multiply quickly and chemotherapy drugs have difficulty discerning the difference. Patients experiencing hair loss through chemotherapy, can borrow a wig from Arrow's Tracey Scone Wig Library. This patient support service is available for all cancer patients from any hospital and is completely free of charge." [end excerpt] 

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