This unique program will require the close collaboration of traditional cancer research organisations with technology partners from industry who will work with the researchers to provide relevant VR content and capability.

It is incumbent on the applicant to ensure that the final output from the project is designed to be used in conjunction with, but not limited to, Sony PS VR. This will require the VR developer engaged to have approved access to the Sony PS VR Dev Kit.

Applicants may already have technical expertise or partnerships you want to engage however, if not already, they will need to become Sony approved partners. They can do this by applying here and following the instructions.

It is not necessary that technical support come from applicants organisations. Sony Foundation and Tour de Cure can provide a means for cancer research organisations to identify qualified VR content creators with whom they may wish to collaborate should they not already have relationships.

For a full list of qualified VR Developers please contact Sony Foundation –

Key Technical contacts:

If you are a Cancer Researcher – please contact Sony Foundation – for a full list of qualified VR Developers.

If you are an approved Sony PS VR developer and wish to be added to the list, please contact

If you are not an approved Sony PS VR Developer, but wish to attain approval to access the dev kit, please visit and submit the application and alert