Geoff Coombes

HOME: New South Wales

My goal: $0.00

I have raised: $4,500.00

Why I want to help cure cancer

Having been involved with the Tour de Cure since the beginning, I've seen first hand the impact cancer has on families and communities. The fact that 1 IN 2 of us will likely suffer cancer in our lifetime is reason enough for me to do all I can to ensure my kids and those close to me may one day not have to worry about this hideous disease. 1 IN 3 cancers can be prevented and the message we take to communities, engaging them to understand cancer and motivate them to to make healthy lifestyle choices to help prevent cancer is absolutely critical. If you can spare a few dollars to help our cause we could use your help. Better yet come and join us to help inspire more people to achieve our dream of a world without cancer.

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Nice work and it will grow back soon!
Claere Kay