Gareth Jones

TEAM: Yellow

HOME: New South Wales

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Why I want to help cure cancer

My wife's father passed away when she was 13 from cancer and I have personally seen to the profound effect that losing a loved one to cancer has on someone. No child should lose a parent whilst they are growing up.Added to this, we lost a good family friend to cancer a few years ago, again leaving a young family behind, as well as seeing friends and colleagues battle this horrible disease.Conversely, I have also seen the benefits of research and new drugs, that have saved another young mother at our school, who has been able to see her girls grow up. This would not have been possible 10 years ago.So, the more that we can do for the good people that are trying to find these cures, the better! TDC is just my little way of helping them!Please donate to my fundraising efforts as I ride for a cure for cancer!

My community partners

  • Insurance Advisernet Australia Foundation
  • Strategic Risk Solutions