Linda Braine

HOME: Victoria

My goal: $1,000.00

I have raised: $0.00

Why I want to help cure cancer

In my lifetime, like so many of us, I have seen the tragic impact cancer has had on those close to me. It's a terrible disease that has caused so many wonderful people to leave us far too soon. I am truly in awe of those incredibly talented medical researchers, doctors and staff who are working so tirelessly to find a cure. As a mum, I would like to see a cure for this disease so that our children and future generations have the opportunity to live full, healthy and happy lives, free of cancer. I don't have the medical expertise to work on a cure, but I can set a shining example to my kids and show them that we should all do our best to help be part of the solution, however we can. Due to a chronic injury, I can no longer participate as a rider, that's why I'm offering my services as a support crew member so I can still help support the Peter MacCallum centre in finding a cure for cancer. Please support me and the team on our journey.