Linda Braine

HOME: Victoria

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I have raised: $6,600.00

Why I want to help cure cancer

Tragically, Cancer has taken the lives of far too many wonderful people in my life. I am truly in awe of those incredibly talented medical researchers, doctors and staff, working so tirelessly to find a cure for this disease. I don't have medical expertise, but as a Mum, I can set a shining example to my kids and show them that we should all do our best to help be part of the solution, however we can. Due to a chronic injury, for me, that's as a support crew member. Please donate and help us raise vital funds to provide much needed treatments for cancer patients, funding for ongoing research and to help find a cure to this terrible disease. Let’s do this together, please support us by donating, let's beat this! 



Well done Linda supporting Pete and this great cause! Cheers
Paul Davies