Kent Scott-Mclean

HOME: Australian Capital Territory

My goal: $0.00

I have raised: $13,780.90

Why I want to help cure cancer

For me cancer has been a part of society that no one really wants to talk about. It scares us all because we don't understand it and where it comes from. We are all scared that it might 'leap out of the shadows' and strike like a mythical beast. Maybe this is why I feel that continuing research is needed to find that cure. Cancer will 'strike' anyone. The young, old, wife, child, and for me, my uncle, aunt and cousin. I am quite focused on leading a happy and healthy lifestyle. I believe that life is for living and enjoying what you are doing. I am a primary school teacher and I spend much of my time educating the students of my school that they need to be active to stay healthy.Please donate to my fundraising efforts as I ride for a cure for cancer!


What an amazing achievement Kent. Bec and the boys are super proud!
Anne and John Hazilias