Yvonne Murnane

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Why I want to help cure cancer

My brother passed away from kidney cancer 11 years ago and three years ago my husband was diagnosed with T cell Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, which had a significant impact on my family. In addition, my brother participated in the 2015 TdC Signature Tour. As a result of these events, I have decided it was time to act.Whilst my husband was undergoing treatment at the Andrew Love Cancer Centre in Geelong, I witnessed many people suffering from cancer. Cancer touches so many people, and by being involved and supporting the TdC Signature Tour is a way for me to make a difference by raising funds to help find a cure for cancer.I was privileged to see first hand the impact that TdC has on local communities when the 2015 Tour came through Lorne, Victoria. As a result of the visit to the Lorne-Aireys Inlet P12 college, one student was so inspired by the TdC riders that visited the school and the educational material that he has become a fundraiser for TdC. I was also inspired after speaking to the volunteers who participated on that Tour.Help find a cure and donate to me today.


Hi Eve, Hope you enjoy the experience of navigating the driver and riders around beautiful Tassie. I am sure you will do a great job. Proud of you !!!! Lots of Love Jenny, Claudio, Natalie & Phillip XXXX
Jennifer Dellore