Meg Bracken

HOME: New South Wales

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I have raised: $4,402.98

Why I want to help cure cancer

I've lost and know too many people to all different forms of cancer, all taken too young and too quickly. My father passed away from prostate cancer at aged 70, my mother had breast cancer when she was 48, I've had a neice with skin cancer & last year I lost my brother to cancer so quickly that we didint even find a primary source, he was 69.  Then just one month after my brother passed away I was diagnosed with stage one ovarian cancer. I consider myself lucky with an early diagnosis but my life has been changed forever.  I havent even touched on my close frineds who have had their own experiences.  Cancer sux in all forms.  Hopefully by riding the money raisied will make a difference. 

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Sharing my T d C love - this one is for Megsy. Love you ALL!!!
Isabella Wakes-Miller