Katherine Lowe

HOME: New South Wales

My goal: $0.00

I have raised: $4,343.40

Why I want to help cure cancer

Like so many others, I have friends and family impacted by Cancer. I'm excited about this opportunity to do something I'm passionate about (touring this beautiful State on my bike accompanied by like minded colleagues) while raising awareness for this important cause. I'm particularly excited about the impact this will have on my young children who are starting to ask the important questions about life and death and illness. My 9 year old son said to me the other day - 'I'm going to put my sunscreen on today at school because I don't want to get cancer and die'. To have them see me doing something so significant with such a positive impact will make a big impression at this time of their lives. I hope they will be proud of their mum and share my story with their friends at school.Please support me as I ride for a cancer cure!


What an achievement - well done Kath! Amazing you're supporting this great cause again. Have a safe ride and I hope you'll enjoy it :)
Anne Küper