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Nick Wilkinson


HOME: New South Wales

My goal: $0.00

I have raised: $15,461.50

Why I want to help cure cancer

I've spent the past decade in the medical device & drug preparation business, supplying dosages to tens of thousands of patients/hospitals throughout Australia. It's a privilege to be able, in a small way, help people fight the challenges & illnesses that many, possibly even including our families, & our friends, face on a daily basis. But, can we do more?

I've got some good friends who continue to inspire others via their annual TdC efforts. It's fantastic to see the enthusiasm, support & funds that this event delivers to the fight against disease & to the benefit of the greater community, each year. The recent death (to cancer) of a mutual friend (an avid, & strong cyclist) - suggests that now is the right time for me to also to put some focus & energy to this cause, & to contribute more, via the TdC, and via their fund-raising goals. Please help if you can?


Go hard, Mr Nick! All the best - but with such a good cause driving you, you will not need any extra motivation.
Guenter Hauber-Davidson

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