Anna Steiner

TEAM: Southern Cross Protection

HOME: Victoria

My goal: $1,200.00

I have raised: $2,000.00

Why I want to help cure cancer

Cancer must be HISTORY very soon. Every one of us knows someone with cancer or has been impacted themselves - that's just NOT OK. Breakthrough cancer research projects at Peter Mac, WEHI and other world-leading institutions are simply SAVING LIVES. Brilliant scientists work hard to find a cancer cure - it's up to us to support them any way we can.  Did you know - 1 IN 3 cancers are preventable! So BE FIT, BE HEALTHY AND BE HAPPY - reduce chances of cancer. And advocate to others, support research and volunteer with brilliant organisations like Tour de Cure. 
Since October 2008, I've been living with a chronic, rare and incurable blood cancer called Polycythemia Vera - my purpose is to find a cure for cancer as an advocate, a fundraiser and volunteer. 
Thank you for your support



Good on you, Anna!
Stuart Valentine