Rebekah King

TEAM: Team 8 CMV

HOME: South Australia

My goal: $7,000.00

I have raised: $8,261.74

Why I want to help cure cancer

Cancer sux - seriously, that's it. There's rarely a person who hasn't been affected either personally, or through family or friends. 

I lost my dad to cancer when I was 16 - he was only 45 years old. Last year, a close friend was diagnosed with breast cancer...she's not even 40 yet. And then a few months ago, my mum was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Seriously, what is going on??

I'm not a researcher, but I can get on my bike and encourage you to get behind me and donate, to help the amazing researchers who are working on prevention, better treatments and care, and ultimately looking for a cure. 

I truly believe that we have the right people at Flinders to do this.

Please support me in this ride, and all those living with cancer or who have lost ones to the disease. 

Thank you so much for your support, now and always x


Great dedication and work for the cause Rebekah!
Peter Babbage