Christopher Barnett

TEAM: Novartis

HOME: Queensland

My goal: $3,000.00

I have raised: $3,520.00

Why I want to help cure cancer

It's a cliche, but cancer touches everyone. We all know someone whether that be a friend or family member who has suffered, or in some cases, passed away, as a result of cancer. To be part of being able to help cure cancer is such a privilege. Treatments for many cancers seem to be being discovered at an exponential rate - which is fantastic. Research requires funding, so if I can be a part of that, and also raise awareness, then I feel I'm contributing to something that touches us all. I hope to be around to see a time when all cancers can be cured - I think it's possible.

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Well done Chris such a wonderful initiative, wishing you all the best.
Gina Saad