Preventing cancer

Can4Cancer 2019 aims to promote health and wellness to CommBank Group staff, raising awareness about cancer prevention and encouraging staff to have regular check ups.

We know that healthy living and regular check ups are not a cast-iron guarantee against cancer. But it certainly stacks the odds in your favour, by reducing your risk of developing the disease.

Cancer screening protects your health through early detection, even if you don't have symptoms. That's why the CommBank is encouraging their staff to make their health a priority and book a health check.

Reducing cancer risks

More than 13,000 cancer deaths each year are due to smoking, sun exposure, poor diet, alcohol, inadequate exercise or being overweight. We know that 1 in 3 cancers are preventable and that simple lifestyle changes can make a difference to people’s health outcomes.

We know that we can reduce our cancer risk by:

    • Not smoking
    • Keeping a healthy bodyweight
    • Eating a healthy, balanced diet
    • Cutting back on alcohol
    • Enjoying the sun safely
    • Keeping active

Since 2007, Tour de Cure has helped to raise awareness about cancer prevention to more than 110,000 school children across Australia through our Be Fit, Be Healthy, Be Happy program

We hope that the CAN4CANCER ride, walks and Cancer Free Lifestyle campaign, as well as the health check ups, will promote health and wellbeing across CBA and minimise employees’ cancer risk.