Funding Cancer Support Projects

Cancer takes a terrible emotional, physical and financial toll on those it affects. Nobody should have to face cancer alone. 

Can4Cancer 2019 funded incredible cancer support projects that make all the difference to patients, families, caregivers and communities – from the moment of diagnosis, through treatment and beyond.

Financial hardship support for Western Australians with a cancer diagnosis 

Researcher: Dr Jaclyn Smith

Institute: Cancer Council WA

This project will provide financial assistance to individuals who are in significant financial distress due to their cancer treatment. Financial support will be given to cover the cost of basic living expenses, such as electricity, gas, water, telephone or internet bills; vehicle registration or repairs; fuel costs to allow travel to treatment; and food. 

Cancer Wellness Workshops & Tai Chi for Cancer Patients

Institute: Cancer Council TAS

The Cancer Wellness Workshops program will give 60 cancer patients and carers information (from the guest speaker) and the opportunity to experience 2 taster sessions of our support programs such as yoga/Pilates/mindfulness/Bowen therapy. The taster session will give people the confidence to try a new program and also increase the opportunity of peer support as participants talk to other members of the workshop.

“When Waiting Is The Hardest Part” Refurbishment of the Oncology Outpatient waiting area for Queensland Children’s Hospital

Institute: Children’s Hospital Foundation

The waiting area for outpatient clinics is a shared space between Oncology and Medical and some families are waiting several hours before their appointment. This funding will maximise the current space and make it more comfortable for all families and most importantly, for our patients. The renovation will achieve a range of positive outcomes including:

    • Improved patient comfort from bigger and more comfortable chairs which allow children to lay down if they need to rest while waiting; 
    • Option of privacy for families who would like to be away from the main thoroughfare by adding chairs to an existing walled space;
    • Improved infection control for immune-suppressed patients by creating a separate walled area for those awaiting Bone Marrow Transplants

Bereavement Support Programs

Institute: Childhood Cancer Association 

Our  bereavement support programs provides support to parents who have lost a child to cancer,  their surviving children , and grandparents . All support is provided by our psychologists. It includes one on one counselling for the entire family,respite accommodation,and access to a range of bereavement support groups.

Patient care packs

Institute: Rare Cancers Australia

Rare Cancers Australia (RCA) exists with the dedicated purpose to improve awareness, support and treatment of Australians with rare and less common (RLC) cancers. The Patient Care Team anticipate 400 new patients in 2020 – the team work with each patient to offer them the support required for their particular diagnosis. It gives the patient and their family and friends a sense of hope when diagnosed with a rare cancer. The Patient Care Pack is a way for us to give back to the patient and the carer. With each item being personally selected by one of the Patient Care Team, the individually curated Patient Care Pack will offer the patient and carer a sense of belonging and that we are here to support them during their diagnosis and hospital stays.