There are many ways to get involved with Tours 

We have many roles to fill to help make what we do possible, see below for FAQs about what each role entails and their respective commitments to the Tour. 

Full Tour Rider and Stage Riders

Full Tour Riders ride for the entire tour, encountering all the ups and downs of tour which can be up to 10 days of riding. 

Stage Riders are on Tour for shorter legs of the journey and are a great option for those new to riding who wish to get involved.

Support Crew

Support crew are an essential part of the Tour de Cure team on Tour. We often need a large group to drive cars, operate radios and fulfil skilled positions. If you aren't a rider and want to get involved Support Crew may be the choice for you. 

Team Captains and Service Roles

There are specific roles on tour fulfilled by skilled personnel. These roles are filled through careful review of applications by Tour de Cure management and cannot be applied for directly.