? Tour de Cure – Join our support crew and make a difference

Join our support crew

Play your part in the fight to cure cancer

Don't ride a bike but want to make a difference?

If you're an enthusiastic and capable ‘get it done’ person and happy to participate for the full duration of a tour, then why not apply to become part of our support crew.

"I lost my mum to melanoma while I was on tour. I wasn't going to go but she said, "Don't sit here and watch me die – go and do something about this disease!" I left tour to attend her funeral and then flew back. It was a very emotional time, but very special too." 

David Duff, TDC support crew

Experience the magic of TDC 

People of all ages, backgrounds and skill sets join us as support crew. Even entire families come along to help us create hope in the face of this terrible disease.

If you're prepared to roll up your sleeves and work hard, we'd love you to join us. Support crew roles can include:

    • Drivers
    • Navigators
    • Catering support
    • Baristas
    • Logistics support
    • Photographers
    • Paramedics and doctors
    • Digital support

You'll have lots of fun, make new friends and discover the incredible beauty of the Australian landscape while raising funds to cure cancer. It's a life-changing experience. 

"If you are thinking of coming on board into support, just jump in!  Everyone will welcome you, support you and give you time to learn the ropes. And the places you see and people you meet in towns all over the country will make you realise that the world is full of good people doing what they can."

Kerryn Westcott, TDC Support Crew Driver and Navigator

How much do you need to fundraise?

Like all of our team members, you'll need to fundraise and also be fit enough to take part.

Fundraising requirements differ for each tour. But as a member of our support crew on Signature Tour, you'll need to fundraise $2,500 - this includes a personal donation of $250.

As a member of support crew on one of our Country Tours, you'll need to fundraise $1,000 – this includes a personal donation of $150.

Fundraising with TDC is fun and we'll support you every step of the way. Contact us to find out more.

Inspirational stories

Our support crew come from all walks of life and have incredible stories to tell. 

Meet David Duff

Affectionately known to us as Duffy, this is a man who can’t do enough for TDC. He's been heading up truck logistics since 2012 – a pivotal role on our tours. Having lost both of his parents to cancer, Duffy knows first-hand the pain that this insidious disease visits upon so many families. Before his mum's passing, Duffy promised her that he would do whatever he could to help find a cure for cancer. Sadly, she passed away while he was on tour with us. He left tour to attend her funeral, then returned to finish the job! An amazing man who is always ready for a hug.

Meet Thelma and Louise

Pam Savage and Marg Bailey – more commonly known as Thelma and Louise by the TDC family – are a dynamic duo on tour. They operate as a driver and navigator team, expertly keeping our pelotons safe and hugely entertained during tour. Pam joined us in 2011, after the death of her beloved husband. Marg joined us shortly afterwards. Fabulous friends, Thelma and Louise work tirelessly behind the scenes and are great at keeping people's spirits up when the going gets tough on tour. And they are much better drivers than Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis – no going over cliffs with them!

"It's the most heartbreaking thing a family can do, watch a loved one suffer from this insidious disease. With Tour de Cure, we WILL find a cure. Yes we can!" 

Thelma, aka Pam Savage, TDC support crew

Meet Ian Salmon

Mr Salmon or 'Sammo' is the bushranger with a big voice and an even bigger heart. Easily the most recognisable face on tour, Sammo has been a member of the TDC family since 2009. He lost his mother to cancer so he is well aware of the tragedy that cancer brings to families and communities. An integral part of our event logistics team, we know we'll be safe and well looked after with Sammo on the team. Hard-working, dedicated and always smiling, Sammo will happily pull an all-nighter to make sure that we will be riding safe the next day. 

Meet the Morris family

The Morris family – Trevor, Alison, Cory, Jacinta and Zac – are regular fixtures on our tours. When you need a hug, this beautiful family is the place to go. Since 2013, we’ve been lucky enough to have at least one Morris on most tours. Trevor is a Prostate cancer survivor and the family have a long history of cancer, so they are passionate about doing something positive to fight this disease. Cory and Zac are equally happy to ride or be on support crew. Trevor normally manages the fleet, Jacinta takes control of the navigation and Alison stands roadside to cheer us on.  

Help us find a cure

Read more inspirational stories about our amazing support crew 

Category Jersey Awards

Just like the Tour de France, every night on tour we award our own very special category jerseys.

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