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Your fundraising will help to fund pioneering research, bring much needed support to regional communities and help to raise awareness about cancer prevention to school kids and their communities.

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Peter Mac Ride 2019

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Full Tour Rider

Graeme Sissing

Neil Thomas

Lindsay Davies

Dee Montague-Jones

Robert Grigg

Daryl Weavers

Peter Braine

Angus Hawke

Noel Moody

Simon Brody

Sean Goldrick

Brooke Milbourne

David Medhurst

Deanne Ashford

Robert Nievergelt

Angelique Sanders

Raymond Erle

Mike Rear

Dean Ashton

Bill Armstrong

Melissa McAuley

Katherine Lowe

Brett Mansfield

Caroline Reynolds-Chesney

Rebecca Lanting

Sarah Springer

Mat Sund

Rod Rose

Corey Roberts

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Linda Braine

Rebecca Weavers

TDC Team

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