Early Detection of Brain Cancer

Associate Professor Simon Conn's research is focused on the early detection of brain cancer. Typically, brain cancer is diagnosed in the later stages when physical manifestations of the cancer appear. The research at Flinders University has exclusive access to the South Australian Neurological Tumour Bank where tumour and blood samples are donated. This has allowed Conn's team to identify key molecules which are important in the progression of cancer. These molecules are also being used as a bio marker for early detection of cancer through a simple blood test. This should increase patient outcomes and survival.

Improved Therapy for Bowel Cancer 

Research at the University of South Australia's Cancer Research Institute is focusing on developing safer and more effective chemotherapy for bowel cancer. Current therapy for bowel cancer results in severe gastrointestinal toxicity. Patients taking this drug are at risk of reduced effectiveness of the therapy due to severe diarrhoea. This research will allow for a new and safer oral chemotherapy for advanced colorectal cancer (CRC), with better associated clinical outcomes than the current intravenous treatment. 

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