Signature Tour 2018

What an incredible tour! The Signature Tour 2018 went to Far North Queensland and raised vital funds for cancer cures.

We've had the adventure of a lifetime, and enjoyed spectacular scenery, incredible camaraderie and some fantastic riding.

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When: 27 April to 5 May 2018

Where: Mackay - Cape Tribulation - Cairns

Distance: 1,110 km, 9,351 elevation

Get social: #ridetdc #curecancer 

Make a difference for those affected by cancer. 

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It's life changing

There's a reason Signature Tour is a bucket-list item for so many riders. It's not only a physical adventure, it's an emotional one too. The people you meet, the stories you hear and the places you visit will make an indelible mark on your heart. 

Signature Tour 2018 – it's life changing

Did you know?

For every 100 kilometres a patient lives from radiotherapy, they have a 6% greater chance of dying than city patients.

On each overnight stop on Signature Tour, we will donate $10,000 to local cancer projects. We see first-hand the impact that this has on people affected by cancer in regional communities across Far North Queensland.

We turn hopes into reality

A message from the Prime Minister

We were delighted to receive these kind words from Malcolm Turnbull for our efforts on Signature Tour 2017. It really is life changing!

$2,724,958.76 raised for this tour

And we want to fund more cancer cures. You can help.

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It was an amazing tour!