Signature Tour 2020 (March 2021)

Together we will find a cure

The Tour de Cure Signature Tour brings people together from all corners of Australia who are searching for a cure. The year 2020 brought significant challenges to all of us and we thank you for your patience and commitment to Tour de Cure as we have worked through the most challenging period of our 14 years.

We appreciate that not holding Signature Tour in 2020 as planned has caused frustration because we can't do what we love to do - to get together to raise money and find a cure for cancer. We would also like to acknowledge the fundraising efforts of the team and your commitment to helping us find a cure for cancer. 

Given the current COVID restrictions and ongoing uncertainty, the Signature Tour plan moving forward is as follows.

1. Signature Tour 2020 rescheduled to 2021
Signature Tour 2020 will be held in March 2021. It is hoped that as many people as possible will be able to participate in this event. 

In order to deliver a tour in March, we need to ensure that our COVID protocols and procedures are in place and properly tested.  To do this, in October 2020 we ran a one peloton tour from Newcastle to South West Rocks to test out our COVID-safe protocols.  

This enabled us to keep our commitments to our corporate partners, and leverage the Seven Network to carry our message out across Australia when we can't do it face to face. This group of 15 riders and 5 support crew were selected based on their connection to cancer and their fundraising. 

We know that cancer doesn't sleep and the challenge for our researchers is huge. We have had a significant drop in revenue and will struggle to meet our funding commitments to researchers. We are not alone with almost all cancer charities suffering losses of revenue that impact funding.


Finding a cure for cancer brings us together and we will be there to support your journey every step of the way.

Signature Tour team members are required to raise:

  • Full Tour Rider - $12,000 minimum, inclusive of a $1,000 personal donation
  • Support Crew - $2,500 minimum, inclusive of a $250 personal donation
  • 2-Day Stage Rider Experiences - $3,500 minimum, inclusive of $500 personal donation

Signature Tour will be held in March 2021

  • 7 day Tour in NSW
  • Newcastle - Coffs Harbour
  • 26th March - 1st April
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$2,274,973.62 funds raised