Signature Tour 2022

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Signature Tour 2021 Route

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  • Day 1 Ride Plus: Newcastle to Hunter Valley 116kms, 1,415m elevation
  • Day 2 Ride Plus: Hunter Valley to Muswellbrook 113kms, 1,082m elevation
  • Day 2 Challenge: Hunter Valley to Muswellbrook 139kms, 1,343m elevation
  • Day 3, Ride Plus: Muswellbrook to Tamworth 147kms, 1,190m elevation
  • Day 3 Challenge: Muswellbrook to Tamworth 179kms, 1,411m elevation
  • Day 4: Tamworth to Armidale 150kms, 2,057m elevation
  • Day 4 Challenge: Tamworth to Armidale 167kms, 2,212m elevation
  • Day 5: Armidale to Glen Innes 118kms, 1,433m elevation
  • Day 6, Ride Plus: Glen Innes to Grafton 125kms, 2,847m elevation
  • Day 6, Challenge: Glen Innes to Grafton 161kms, 2,169m elevation
  • Day 7 Ride Plus: Grafton to Coffs Harbour 89kms, 971m elevation

    Route Maps (subject to change)