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Leaving a Meaningful Legacy

Leave a legacy and ensure that the fight for cancer continues so that one day we can live in a world without. You will help create a thriving Australia for future generations by leaving a meaningful and powerful legacy in the form of a Bequest in your Will.

Find out more about how you can make a lasting difference to cancer research in Australia. Learn how to update or write your will and how your gift will leave a life changing legacy.

Supporting the now while investing in the future

Tour de Cure works with the most courageous scientists across Australia who are pushing research boundaries to find a cure. From PhD students to senior research teams, TdC ensure that the money we spend is directed related to work that leads towards making a significant breakthrough.

TdC also support lasting support programs for people who are currently going through cancer treatment, an experience that are some of the toughest of their lives. 

Your support will ensure that cancer sufferers feel understood, supported and cared for from diagnosis right through to treatment and recovery death? so that they can continue with their lives in the best way possible.

How to include Tour de Cure in your Will.

Once you have ensured that your friends and family are looked after, you may want to consider leaving a gift for Tour de Cure and the cancer projects that we support. Then, we advise that you speak with a solicitor so that your Will can be professionally written. Alternatively, there are online options that you can use such as Willed. Learn more here.

There are 4 simple steps to leave a Bequest to Tour de Cure in your Will:

  1. Make a list of everything you own, this will help calculate the value.
  2. Decide who you would like to give to including family, friends and charities you support. Most people like to choose a residuary legacy to Tour de Cure to ensure that family are provided for first.
  3. Decide who you would like to name as the executor of your Will or the person responsible to make sure your wishes are carried out.
  4. Consider how you would like TdC included in your will, there are various types of gifts and options.

There are many ways you can include Tour de Cure in your will, either way, the size of the contribution will make an incredible difference to the 1 in 2 Australians who are currently diagnosed with cancer every year. Here are some options:

  • Residual gift is a proportion of your estate that remains after your expenses are paid for and loved ones are looked after. It reflections your intention when drawing up your will for the first time and adjusts as the value in your estate changes.
  • Percentage gift, a proportion that is nominated against the value of your estate that adjusts over time as the value of your estate changes.
  • A specified amount of money allows you to select an actual amount that is left for Tour de Cure
  • Specific items of value is anything of value that you would like to donate to Tour de Cure where the proceeds from that item can be redirected to cancer research. This can be jewellery, artworks, property or shares, for example.

Suggested wording for your will.

As a starting point here is some sample wording to use to ensure that cancer research continues and that TdC can continue to find that cure on your behalf.

I give, free of all duties and taxes (choose one of the following):

• the whole of my estate (or___________% of my estate), or

• the residue of my estate (or____% of the residue of my estate), or

• the sum of $___________, or my units/shares in_____________Trust/Ltd, or

• my real property (or ____ % of my property) situated at (insert address) having the title reference _____________________, or

• the proceeds from the sale of __________ *as liquidated by the executor of the estate* sale of a specific item such as artwork, jewellery etc.

to Tour de Cure Limited, ABN 56 302 713 357, Suite 2 (Level 2), 182 Building B, 14 Rodborough Rd Frenchs Forest NSW 2086. The receipt of the treasurer, secretary or public officer for the time being of Tour de Cure is an absolute discharge to my executor. Without creating a binding obligation on my executor or Tour de Cure, I request that Tour de Cure use this bequest for purpose ___________________________ and I request Tour de Cure to use these funds if at all practicable for this purpose or the purpose in its absolute discretion which most closely matches this purpose and failing that for the general purposes of Tour de Cure.

Change your existing Will to include Tour de Cure is simple, the most cost-effective way is to add a codicil, a short legal amendment. We recommend speaking with your solicitor to make sure that this is appropriate for the change you wish to make.

If you have already left a gift in your Will please let us know, we would love to keep you updated on our progress in our fight against cancer and thank you for your generosity.

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