Meet our Committees

The Board delegates part of its work to specialised committees made up of leading experts from the world of business, finance, medicine, law, marketing, PR, event management and the community.

A Board member and/or a staff member from TDC sits on each of these committees.

RSP Committee

Chaired by Paul Mirabelle, the committee oversees the peer review of applications for Tour de Cure funding, sets out the terms and conditions for funding applications, and supports delivery of our strategic priorities. TdC Board member Julie Briscoe sits on this committee.

Gala Events Committee

Chaired by Dominique Robinson, the committee is responsible for the production and management of the Tour de Cure Snow Ball and the Spring Lunch. TdC Board member Mark Beretta sits on this committee.

Technology Committee

Chaired by Steve Thom, the committee reviews our existing IT and technology capabilities, including privacy, data management and security, to ensure we adhere to best practice and performance. TdC Board member David Mann sits on this committee.

Governance & Risk Committee

Chaired by Gareth Jones, the committee identifies the safety risk and compliance requirements of our tours and events. It reviews environmental, social responsibility, medical requirements and community considerations and helps to prepare and train riders for the physical and mental challenges of tour. TdC Managing Director Matt Clarke sits on this committee.

Tour Experience Committee

Chaired by Clint Bowen, the committee engages with our teams to make their tour experience inclusive, fun and safe. TdC Board member Samantha Hollier-James sits on this committee.

Marketing Committee

Chaired by Philip Otley, the committee supports and guides TdC in our goal of gaining maximum returns from our combined efforts in market - through traditional media channels, our social and digital properties, partner marketing, member engagement, and of course ongoing innovation in our service offerings to our many stakeholders.