? Why I ride TDC – Tour de Cure

Why I ride TDC

    Meet Danny Moore

    Danny has been a member of the TDC family from the very beginning. In fact, he gave us office space when we were just starting out and has been a constant source of support for us ever since. In particular, he has used his knowledge of cycling to help us prepare riders safely for tour and has taken a leading role in assessing road safety and rider awareness. He's also an all-round top bloke!

    Meet Lisa Healey

    My first Signature Tour was in 2011 from Sydney to Melbourne. It was the biggest thing I had done in my life. In my parents' eyes it was bigger than the Olympics. They were so proud, they came from New Zealand to meet me at the finishing line. I've done lots of different tours with the TDC family and they are all tough for different reasons. We prepare ourselves physically in advance, but nothing can prepare you for the emotional impact you experience on tour. I feel truly helpless when I hear about people experiencing cancer. This is my way of doing something that makes a difference.

    Meet Kristeen McCarthy

    During and after a long, taxing ride is a good time to reflect again on the reasons for doing something this tough, and to draw on the emotion of personal stories. Sarah died in July 2013 from ovarian cancer, which she had battled for 2 years. She was 39. She was married to my husband’s brother, the love of her life. She tried all avenues to beat the cancer discovered when they were trying to start a family. Ultimately the cancer was detected too late… She maintained her positive attitude and dignity, passing away at home on her own terms on a Saturday afternoon. The finality of the events that evening remain with me, breaking the news to family and coming to terms with such a loss and its impacts. Sah was described by her colleagues as “grace personified” during her battle… But she was not ready to die, and we were not ready to lose her. Research into early detection of ovarian cancer remains vital to improve survival rates. I will never be a cancer researcher, but I can raise awareness and money in support of those who are. I am determined to smash my fundraising goal and make it to the end of tour in support of Tour de Cure. Let’s face it, just like finding breakthroughs in cancer research, if it was easy everyone would do it.

    Meet Mal Heath

    Known as 'The Chairman', Mal was on our inaugural Signature Tour in 2007, and has been a loyal, dedicated and much loved member of our TDC family ever since. He's also a key part of our training and assessment team, helping to make sure everyone is fit enough to go on tour. In particular, Mal is a great source of encouragement for new riders and goes out of his way to help them achieve their goals. Always gracious and always smiling, Mal has raised an incredible amount of money for cancer projects. He's won the TDC Board Award twice for his efforts – a very deserving recipient indeed!

    Meet Mark Beretta

    Two of my work colleagues lost their 6-year old children to cancer and with two kids of my own, that really rocked me. I've been riding the Signature Tour since 2010. All of them have been tough, but the first one was the hardest for me. I made it and it was the most incredible experience ever and got me addicted. In 2011, I was knocked off my bike by a kangaroo in the Snowy Mountains. I rode the next day, and was very sore, but had a great story to tell! The incredible difference that TDC is making to finding a cure and supporting patients and their families keeps me coming back. Also the fantastic spirit of the tour and the wonderful people are too hard to leave!

    Meet Marty and Kathy Mason

    They're fun, fit and fabulous. Marty is a survivor of testicular cancer and joined the TDC family in 2010 to do something about the 'bastard'. Kathy followed suit in 2011. Not many women ride the full Signature Tour, but Kathy makes it look easy. Hilarious company, this incredible husband and wife team has 'owned' the Muppet award on several occasions. Just ask Marty about the time he wore Kathy's knicks! Marty has recently crossed over to the the dark side to ride a mountain bikes with the Off-Roadies. The bikes with curly handlebars miss him.

    Meet Simon McCarroll

    Simon is one of the principals of the McCarroll Auto Group which owns several Lexus dealerships. Lexus have been a loyal corporate partner since the beginning, helping to keep our pelotons safe with their cars. Not only has Simon supported TDC through his business operations, his personal fundraising efforts for cancer projects are legendary. He's famous for having bid $1,300 for a fruitcake at a community dinner on tour! Simon was a popular choice for the 2016 Board Award and has received the prestigious Chapeau Jersey on numerous occasions. Without a doubt, Simon is of the strongest riders on tour. He's definitely an 'engine room' man.

    Meet Paul Beretta aka 'Skinny'

    "Being the youngest, I was always with mum and she nursed my grandmother through cancer. Although she put up a brave fight, she wasted away to a shell of her former self. She inspires me to ride, along with my desire to do my part to prevent our kids from facing cancer. I joined TDC in 2010, riding from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast. My brother asked me join. I think I said "You're an idiot" but I did it. It was an eye-popping experience on so many different levels. It was emotionally tough. The riding was tough. But it was great and I've struggled to stay away ever since."

    "I feel like I belong with these guys on the road when it's tour time. They're my mates. I love the people and I feel great that I can contribute with my mechanical abilities, experience and resources to help keep it all rolling." 

    Paul Beretta, TDC service rider

    Meet Paul Egan aka 'Lint'

    I lost my mum to cancer when she was just 49, but the catalyst to join TDC was when my book-keeper, Cathy, got breast cancer. After too many drinks on New Years Eve, I made a New Year's resolution to ride the Signature Tour from Sydney to Mission Beach in 2010. There were just a few stumbling blocks: I didn't own a road bike, I didn't own any lycra, the longest ride I'd ever done was 25km, and I had to convince Geoff that I was up to it. He came up to Brisbane and we did a 30km river loop. Half way through I got a flat tyre and didn't have a repair kit or a pump, so Geoff had to do it for me! The rest is history. Being on tour is the most amazing experience that you will ever have. For me tour is not about a bike ride. It's just a way to get to the next school so we can raise awareness about cancer. It's about giving a much-needed donation in the next town. For me riding is the way that we can get funds to the clever people that are going to find a cure. 

    "Our journey won't be over until the day comes when nobody has to hear the words 'you have cancer' again."

    Paul Egan, TDC Rider

    Meet Dave Curran

    As one of our generous corporate partners, first with CBA and now with Westpac, Dave has played a leading role in galvanising his colleagues to play their part in the fight to cure cancer. He’s helped to grow our network across so many different communities and engage staff and clients with the TDC story. He’s personally raised huge amounts of money for cancer research, but he’s also helped to promote staff fitness, wellbeing, engagement and morale. He’s always upbeat and very, very funny. His blogs, Willie Maykit and Wilma Legshurt, are the stuff of legend at TDC HQ, where people still giggle about them.

    Meet Phil Gallant

    In 2010 Phil lost his partner, Sarah, to melanoma. He joined the TDC family in 2011 and is an integral part of what we do. He's a regular rider, support crew member, current stage rider manager and a constant source of encouragement to those who are new to cycling. He's also the co-author of our grieving document, a key resource for people who've lost a loved one to cancer. With his background in project management, Phil has played a leading role in the development of our new website. There'a a reason, Phil's personal profile pic is Muttley from Wacky Races - always quick to make you laugh, Phil is hilarious company on tour. 


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