Full Tour and Stage Riders

Full Tour Riders ride the full duration of a Tour whilst Stage Riders choose from a selection of 1-3 day stages on the Tour. 

What do I need to do to ride with TDC? 


Train and physically prepare for Tour, relative to the route (distance and elevation). All Tour riders receive a Training Guide - a 16 week guide for Signature Tour and 8 week guide for Country Tours - which details riding levels, bike and fitness requirements.

Join the Strava Group for your Tour

You will be given a Strava group to join upon acceptance of your application. All riders must join our Strava team as our rider assessment team needs to track your training and ensure that you are fit to participate in the ride ahead.

Comply with our Riding Etiquette

Our training rides and rider etiquette help riders prepare for riding endurance and as a bunch. We require everyone on any Tour de Cure event to read and ride to our etiquette.

Read our Rider Etiquette

Show proof of cycling insurance

For insurance purposes, all riders need to hold a current membership to an Australian cycling or racing club. Proof of membership is required to participate. For more information see Cycling Australia or contact your local cycling club.

See your GP

Riders and Support crew need to see their GP for a general checkup to fill out a medical clearance form stating they are fit for Tour. They will also need to complete an online waiver which they will be sent once accepted on Tour. 

How much do riders need to fundraise?

Full Tour Rider and Stage Riders have different minimum fundraising commitments to reflect the time they spend on Tour, however everyone is encouraged to fundraise above and beyond this if they are able. 

Full Tour Riders must commit to the following minimum fundraising requirements:

For Signature Tours

    • A personal donation of $1,000
    • An additional fundraise of $11,000

For Country Tours

    • A personal donation of $500
    • An additional fundraise of $4,500

Stage Riders must commit to the following minimum fundraising requirements:

Signature Tours

    • A personal donation of $500
    • An additional fundraise of $3,000

Country Tours

    • A personal donation of $250
    • An additional fundraise of $1,250

How do I get my bike ready for Tour?

Rider safety is of paramount importance to Tour de Cure. To ensure your bike is ready for Tour it should be serviced within 2 weeks of your stage rides and tyres should be less than 500km old. All bikes should be self-assembled prior to being checked by a Tour de Cure mechanic during ride registration. Tour de Cure reserves the right to decide if a rider, or the rider’s bike, is unsuitable for the ride.

How do I get myself and my bike to and from Tour?

Riders must transport themselves and their bikes to and from Tour by their own means. Ensure that you travel with a soft bike case as our transport options do not cater for hard cases. More detailed information will be communicated to you in emails leading up to tour about the best options for getting to the starting line. 

What are my options as a Stage Rider?

Stage riders participate in a shorter leg of the tour than full tour riders. There are many benefits to participating as a stage rider including a reduced fundraising target, included kit and an immersive taste of a Tour de Cure ride without the 9-10 day cycling commitment. Stage ride options vary from Tour to Tour. These 1-3 day options are explored in greater detail in the relevant Tour pages. 

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There's a tour for you.

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FAQs by Role

For more Tour facts download the Signature Tour Survival Guide - written by experienced Tour de Cure veterans about life on Tour.

The Signature Tour Survival Guide

How do I find out more about my Tour?

Detailed emails are sent out from the Fundraising and Team Coach fortnightly with information specific to your Tour including packing lists, locations, fundraising tips, detailed route maps and accommodation information. 

Special deals from our partners are also on offer in these emails that can not be beaten elsewhere. Make sure to regularly check your emails and the spam filter to ensure you do not miss out on any important information. 

If you believe you are not receiving these emails please get in touch by phone on 02 8073 4000.